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In between capox cycles...?


Any advice please? Took last of cap tablets on Wednesday and observed that I have been still tired several days afterwards. I had a some transient pains such as under my right arm, left neck probably lymph glands and a several niggles in liver area although not as painful as before. Bowel movements about once daily, still no blood but less frequent. Obviously, my system will be recovering from two weeks of capox, is this an adjustment or any ideas.

Thanks guys xxx :)


If you are concerned, it might be worth giving your team a ring to check these symptoms @GD1962? How many cycles have you had so far? I found I recovered very slowly the first cycle, and was so grateful for the week off, then coped better with cycle 2 - or perhaps knowing what was coming I paced myself and didn't overdo it.

By the later cycles I was generally doing a lot less (stopped walking dogs and trying to be a superhero!) but it was also winter by then, so I was indoors a lot more and spent more time on the sofa as I had less energy. Not sure if that helps :)

Lady GT

Good morning @GD1962 .
Not sure if it'll help but all we can do is give you our own experiences ... His Lordship always felt like absolute rubbish during his 'week off' Capox. We felt a bit cheated to be honest, because we had assumed that this would be a good period for him.
But with every cycle, he felt worse during the rest week than when he was actually taking the tablets.

I have no idea why, but that's how it was for us.


Hi GD1962 my experience of Capox was that I felt nauseous every day, tired, lost my appetite and a good bit of weight. This was in addition to the sensitivity to cool and cold. When I moved onto Folfiri and Cetuximab it was a walk in the park in comparison! None of the same side effects were evident thankfully! Hope you have a good day today 💜💙💚💛❤️