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Hey guys

I'm 10 months out from illeostomy reversal and hernia repair. They couldn't use mesh to repair the hernia at the time due to the risk of fecal matter. I've noticed a sharp stinging pain over the last couple of weeks at different times and now if I push my tummy out, there's a hard lump which is very noticeable where the illeostomy scar is. Is this the start of another hernia?

Send hugs to all



Hi @Jaybec
Shortly after my reversal and hernia repair, I noticed a bulge. My GP (surprisingly!) referred me for an urgent ultrasound scan and an appointment with my surgeon. The ultrasound showed nothing untoward, things have been fine ever since, I have been able to increase my exercise level considerably and just put up with a weird shaped tummy.
But a GP appointment and ultra sound request would seem to be the way forward. Good luck, hope it us nothing that needs more attention. :x:


@Lizalou, a GP reacting swiftly, how does that work 😂😂. I'll make an appointment tomorrow. Many thanks :x::x::x:


hi @Jaybec sounds like good advice from @Lizalou. Don't be afraid to use the "cancer card" when calling and trying to book your appointment. Getting one three weeks on Tuesday or thereabouts is not acceptable! Good luck! 💜💙💚💛❤️


Thanks @Baxter2. I did wonder wether to just avoid the GP and ring my nurse specialist :x::x::x:


Hi @Jaybec
Because my GP knew nothing and because I had cancer and a weird lump, he automatically referred me urgently!


Hi @Jaybec, I had a hernia repair during my last Colostomy surgery and have a strange lump and like @Lizalou a now pretty deformed looking abdomen, I've researched this and it seems quite common, I'm afraid unless your very lucky any abdominal surgery can leave you with lumps and bumps etc, I had the mesh and that can hurt like h**l when its healing up and knitting together, mine certainly did but as eased off now.

Tony M


Yeah it's a hernia. I've got to have an ultrasound to make sure there's no bowel looped in it. Thank you all :x::x::x: