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Just a quick update !

So just a quick update :)

Uncle Charlie has had a bit of a rough few weeks - sickness, diarrhoea, sore throat and pins and needles ! Last week was horrendous and typically was the week I was on holiday 😩🌞. He had to have his chemo pump on for longer due to complications so we think that it's got something to do with that. He's picked up since then and had his 4th chemo session since. Pins and needles are now pretty much permanent but strangely enough he says they don't really bother him that much!

Despite being so sick he has actually put on 1lb which isn't much but sure is better than losing it :)! Although apparently now he has high cholesterol because he's been eating so much fatty stuff - poor bloke really can't win 😂 so that's just something we have to monitor !

Also we had his stoma nurse come out today and she was astonished at how well he has done in the past 12 weeks. He is honestly amazing and I am so genuinely proud at how he has dealt with this whole situation.

Anyway - past few days have been really positive, he's been feeling a lot better and actually looks okay as well! Here's to the next 6 sessions - we will get through somehow :)

Been thinking of all you lovely people hope you're all "okay" :x::x:


@Sophie What a lovely update! Great news that despite the set-backs he's doing so well. It's amazing what we can cope with given the right support. All good wishes as he steps forward. B :x:


Lovely to read your positive update @Sophie Sending you both my very best wishes 💚💜💛💙❤️


@Sophie Lovely to hear Uncle Charlie has turned a corner and is doing well. I have the pins and needles caused by the oxaliplatin chemo and is greatly improved by keeping warm. Soaking hands and feet in warm water works a treat and also wearing gloves when need to get to fridge also helps. :x::x::x::x:


Great to hear things have been better @Sophie


Thanks you so much everyone 😘😘😘