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Niggling pain under right rib

Hello everyone. I wasn't going to post this but it as been bugging me so thought I would. Bowel surgery two years ago and liver surgery for two small mets april 2016. Recovered well and all my tests have been good since. Completed 11 sessions of folfox last December which I tolerated ok but still have some neuropathy in feet and toes. I really struggle with anxiety and recurrence. I dread scans and follow up apps. My drs have told me I need to come to grips with these as they will be ongoing for five years. I come here often to read your uplifting stories and find support and encouragement. I don't post often.

Anyway I have had some weird pains or discomfort under my right rib cage. Sometimes it's like a pinching feeling or a dull ache and goes around my side. I think it's in my liver but I'm no doctor. I have an MRI August 16 with results early September. I am very anxious and believe my cancer is back.

Just wondered if any of you wonderful people have experienced anything like this and had liver mets. I know I won't get results for a little while so thought I would touch base here. I know I need to calm myself but sometimes it just takes over my mind. Thank you.


Sorry I think I put this in the wrong area.


Hi @Evelyn I've just moved your post to this section. Like you I find this is the hardest part to cope with, and I'm being checked every 3 months for the next 4 years. It's so hard to live with, but I keep telling myself I'm being checked regularly and many people aren't, so I've got to think I'm ahead of the game. I've just had a bone scan as I'm full of aches and pains, and I'm dreading the results. Trying g hard to stay strong. Big hugs to you Diane :x::x::x::x:


Thanks @DianeS. After reading some of your posts I see you suffer the same constant anxiety that I do. Hope you get good results from your bone scan. I had terrible bone and muscle aches after my chemo which went on for months. My oncologist looked at me like I had two heads when I mentioned it and thought it was related to chemo. They have now gone. I too am being checked regularly but still have huge anxiety issues. Thanks again for responding. Hope all goes well


I have had a few occasional twinges around the area of my liver @Evelyn. I have 4 new small liver mets following my liver resection back in January. Your pain could be anything and perhaps just scarring? Gall bladder? (if you still have one) your scan on 16th should tell you more but waiting until September to hear the results sounds awful. Is there any chance you could ask for an earlier appointment? I guess also it depends on when it is reported by the radiologist. Sending love and positive vibes your way ????❤️


Same anxiety - same pain, I do have fatty love disease, but have just been sent for an MRI following annual CT - so current anxiety levels are through the roof..\


My Hubs has liver mets and was suffering from pains as you describe on his right side but his oncologist said it was more likely to be constipation..... hope that helps! I can't remember where he said, but he said that liver mets pain is usually somewhere else, not where you'd expect it to be.

Hope that's the explanation!

Sarah :x:


Could be gallstones? The pain from them is sometimes there...?