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Puppy whilst on chemo

Hi all, hope everyone is enjoying the 'summer' - as much as possible!
So, I have a question about getting a puppy whilst on chemo. I know that general advice is to get a dog BEFORE starting chemo but this just isn't possible - due to holiday and stuff. Consequently we're looking at bringing him home at 8 weeks which will probably be 1 week before I recommence chemo. This will be my 4th lot - 18th cycle and, whilst bloods have dropped, I've not had any serious side effects or infections. I know I'll need to ask Onc (pretty laid back) but wondered about other's experiences?
Here's a pic of the little chap!!


Oh my @Jaynesr how gorgeous, fab photo such a cutie little puppy and what a handsome young man. Why not have a new puppy we all have to to what makes us happy.
Kim :x::x:


Your puppy and your son are gorgeous @Jaynesr ! Do I spot another doggie in the background?? ❤️????


That's a funny looking hamster @Jaynesr ?? I think there is going to be one very happy boy in your house! What a lovely picture of them both ? :x::x::x::x::x:


Hahaha @mem!! Well, in for a penny, in for a pound as they say!! ? ?
No that's the breeder's home @Baxter2 - we can't bring the puppy home for 6 weeks yet so this was taken after our 70 Mike journey in rush hour up the M40 and M6 to see him!! Just got to choose a name now!! ?
Thanks for the compliment re my boy - have used a little filter magic on there I must confess - to make up for the fact that he won't let me style his bowl cut!! ? :x:

springer michelle

Omg too much cuteness xx your little boy will love it :x::x:


Soooooooo cuuuuuuuuuute! Can't imagine the lovely K's will have a problem with you having a puppy ? and what a gorgeous pup! Enjoy :x::x:


Hi @Jaynesr
Beautiful picture, one very happy lad!! xx

Quote from @Jaynesr:
Thanks everyone! He'll be joining us in 6 weeks time! My son is delighted!!


Hey @Jaynesr I know I'm late to this post but I'd definitely go for it. We got a puppy before my husband was diagnosed and he was 8 months when Matt was diagnosed. He's brought us so much joy though. We were keen to get another one but put it off whilst Matt was having chemo but then about 4 months ago we decided to go for it and get another pup. Why should we let cancer hold us back eh? Our new pup is gorgeous and he's learnt very quickly. Sure it's more effort in terms of training and getting up early to let him out but we wouldn't be without either of them now ? Here's a pic - the light brown is Herman and the black pup is Hank ?? what breed is the one you're getting? Ours are Cockerpoos. Have you thought of names? How exciting!!! xox

Simba 1998

Just gorgeous ❤️ We got a puupy golden retriever 3/4 of the way through hubbys course of folfox . We do already have 2 other dogs and got worn down by 12 year old daughter ! She has bought so much joy into our lives and hubby had no problems ... go for it :x::x::x:


Have so enjoyed reading about people getting puppies @Jaynesr .... so inspired in fact that we are GETTING A PUPPY! Picking him up this Friday morning, he's the cutest little 12 week old Norfolk terrier. He will be great company for hubby as I am out of the house half the day having radiochemo, and it is wonderful to have a different focus in life!


I got a cocker puupy last year one month before i was diagnosed. And i thought about how i might not be able to look after her so was going to give her back to breeder but my partners persuaded me not to and im so glad. She a lovely dog and was bought to one day be my shooting partner for when my chrrent shooting dog retires.
Shes 11 months old and now im getting over the op i going to starg training her for next years season.
So i would say go for it. My little monster is 11 months old now and ive more chemo to come soon :x::x:


Goodness you are all super women!

My Chihuahua is pregnant with Jacahuhuas as we were visited under the cloak of darkness by the randy next door neighbours dog that she says is 'on his last legs'.

Dreading it (and secretly looking forward to it ). As long as you're not left with all the clearing up @Jaynesr

sarah :x:


Oh dear @Sasa, that has made me laugh, but I bet they will be gorgeous.

springer michelle

Haha @salsa, keep us updated. I'd love to see a jacahuhuas :x:


Yes he visits at night just when we think it's safe ???????, and she sneaks out through the cat flap the little hussey???!

I will post pictures to keep you all smiling but they're bloody ugly when they're first born!

Sarah :x:


Haha love the idea of her sneaking out, made me smile . I can hear mission impossible music and her looking over her shoulder as she escapes through the cat flap.?? Hope it all goes well.:x::x:


That's so funny @Sasa !! We have a chi / Jack cross and a pure Chi. She us the cutess little dog and we love her like our 3rd child we never had!! ?


Beautiful Ruby & Arnold Wolf


Hahaha, I have two Chi's, they are all boggle eyed too! I will post pics to keep everyone entertained. Dad hasn't made another appearance he is keeping one very low profile the little devil!

Very cute all the same!