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Life with bowel cancer


Delayed realisation.

How has everyone coped with WHEN they've realised they have cancer? I thought I was pretty clued up up the past week and a bit has shown me that It's really only just dawning on me that I have cancer.


Thank you :x::x::x:

springer michelle

Good luck tomorrow :x::x:


@KatB good luck tomorrow :x::x::x:


Good luck for tomorrow @KatB :x:


Thinking positive thoughts for your results tomorrow @KatB.


Hoping for good news for you :x:


Fingers crossed


Good luck @KatB fingers crossed for you :x::x::x:


Hi @KatB - I sometimes forget - in the early morning between waking and consciousness - and then it kicks me in the gut - I've got cancer !

You're not alone - the toughest part of this whole journey is psychological - staying mentally strong, and calm.

We've all got to live with cancer for the rest of our lives in one way shape or form - we are different now.

But it's important to don't let cancer define you or limit who you are.

God bless



Hi @KatB. Good luck with ur scan results. :x::x::x:


Now and then i cry, then tell myself off and start again. I find it hard to digest but then think what's so special about me? I'm a fighter so are we all and yes I think differently about lots of things I took for granted if there's one thing cancer has given me its clarity of life. Good luck with scan results, I have my first one coming up in November :x::x:


@KatB . Hope all goes well . Hugs :x::x::x:


Hi @KatB and others

Does anyone else get wound up by the Macmillan ads on the radio/TV? The latest one, about banking, gets me every time. Yes, I understand that it is making a very valid point, yes, I understand that Macmillan is trying to raise awareness and funding. But the sugary sweet voice, the sentimental music, the 'understanding' tone, makes me really upset. There I am, happily listening to the radio, when I suddenly have CANCER rammed down my throat again!!

Sorry...rant over...for now!


@Lizalou , I can't watch any of them? I never realised there was so many adverts,
Certainly changes your whole outlook 😢


Hi @Lizalou there seems to be an awful lot on the tv as well. I was saying to my wife the other day wherever I turn there is something about cancer. Not sure how it makes me feel at times.


Those Macmillan ads make me want to give someone a good slap round the chops! :o


I have a feeling they have a coffee morning coming up in September


Hi@katB I think I've mentally blocked a lot of my diagnosis out.I've only cried a few times . I just won't let it take away the life I still have. And I won't let my children be sad until they really have to be. I'm a bit like a lioness where they are concerned.They are 17 and 19 and really wonderful.Both out last night with their friends enjoying life and I won't have it any other way .So two fingers up to having cancer .Even my chemo nurses said you just get on with it don't you .I know this isn't possible for everyone .As for the Macmillan adverts I always turn over the Tv. Weird isn't it.Don't get me wrong some days are really tough but like I told my sister when she got weepy on the phone,its not over till the fat lady sings.Best wishes to eveyone having treatment at the moment.:x::x:


Hi @KatB and @Lizalou

Yes bank adverts , they will take your house off you still lolx regardless of the sentimentalist adverts. I'm still working awaiting my terminal illness insurance cover so I can stop working or reduce my hours. It all depends how fit you are. As for delayed realisation well I do not know if I am deluding myself how long I will last, just hope for the best......:x:


@Lizalou @GD1962 . I've also noticed all the cancer adverts . Seems like it's the latest fashion . Mind you it's like when you're on a diet and all you are are cake and chocolate adverts . I even noticed a character in an old episode of Death in Paradise had colon cancer and I thought he looked well 😕 I try and ignore the cancer element and just focus on getting better .:x::x::x::x::x::x: