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?Low residue diet and small bowel issues

So I have been told to eat lowresidue food for now because of suspected problem in small bowel. I'm two years out of large bowel cancer as some on here know and ct of colon and abdomen seems okay. I am waiting pill capsule as CT apparently cannot see in small bowel.I was wondering if low residue food creates any bowel content or how much is bowel content reduced by? I don't fully understand digestive processes but does low residue mean that it is completely absorbed and not emptied via bowel. Rightbow imbloated and it feels like small bowel is sloshing with fluid. The strange thing is that I have a bowel movement each day soi assume this is not a full blockage. I don't understand why the small bowel doesn't empty the rest of the bowel. Would be interested any any knowledge here.....thanks


Hi I'm no expect @tony111 but I'd guess that the recommendation to eat a low residue diet is so that there is less waste matter left in your small bowel so the pill capsule can see better. My understanding of low residue is food that doesn't have much fibre content so it passes through quicker and leaves less behind, but there will still be some residue which has to pass out. Maybe the low residue suggestion is more to help with the bloating until they work out what the problem is?

Hopefully someone more knowledgeable will be along shortly. :x:


Thanks for your input and it makes sense.