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Life with bowel cancer


Anyone else metastasised around the iliac artery?

I'm new on here but have been battling bowel cancer since 2011. Just like all of you, it's been a rocky road. Currently, this is the third time it's appeared and is around the split in the iliac artery in a number of the lymph nodes. My oncologist has advised no treatment at the moment - the two main tumours are too small (11mm and 18mm) and they are just monitoring me. I am finding this quite tough as in the past I have had treatment and this makes you feel that at least you are fighting it! My health currently is fine which is another reason not to do the chemo yet they say. Just wondered if anyone else is in a similar position?


Hi @CathyBea welcome to our forum and sorry to hear that it has reappeared. I'm afraid I can't help very much as mine reappeared in my liver, and had ablation , but Iam being monitored with no treatment and have been this way for the last 9 months, and I'm happy to say so far it hasn't decided to show its ugly gave anywhere. Im sure someone will be along to share their experiences with you. So pleased you have found our lovely forum and I'm sure you will find it a great source of help in many ways. Diane :x::x::x::x:


Hi Diane, thanks for your lovely welcome and glad to hear all progressing well with you at the moment. Cathy :x::x:


Hi @CathyBea and welcome from me also. This forum is a lifeline for people like us. My cancer reappeared in my lung after quite a while, they start chemotherapy next Wednesday. I wish you well, we'll get there. Take care. :x::x: