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Up town top ranking

Having a good day today.Tomorrow cycle 3 of folfiri .So been doing my ironing that I have neglected . Put so
Music on and up town top ranking came on .That song was a real blast from the past and I couldn't help doing a few moves as I was ironing.So if your feeling down just think of a 50 something bald woman grooving away and re living her youth whilst doing the ironing.I know ill feel rubbish tomorrow so got to make the most of the good days even if its only ironing💃💃💃💃


You go girl!! I love a bit of a boogie - to my son's dismay!!! So far I've luckily kept all of my hair but I can do all the moves to call me maybe and I'll still be doing them with or without hair!!! 💃🏻 :x::x:

Bear G

Althea and Donna?
Party on today @1965 and go into tomorrow feeling great and with oodles of positivity!


Love this song. Reminds me of the youth club disco, dancing round my handbag. Its one of my faves when I have a housework disco which usually ends up with lots of disco dancing and not much housework. Music taps into the same parts of the brain that pleasure from sex and food does and floods the brain with dopamine. Keep it up. Nah pop no style, a strictly roots :x::x::x::x:


So I. boogied. on for a couple of hours,made a cake then made dinner.One disco queen absolutely knackered but glad cancer didn't win today.Also went into town today with my head gear on.One lovely lady started talking to me about a top I was looking at .I just felt she had some kind of empathy for me ,it was sweet of her. Also didn't give a toss about having no hair today I rocked my head gear if I do say so myself.👒@Jaynesr @eyeofthetiger@Bear G.think I had forgotten how music can make you feel💜


Well for all my feeling good couldn't have chemo as white blood cell tanked again.But my wonderful nurses got hold of oncologist and had injections again to bring them back up.went in yesterday to see how I would go and yipee all good.Having them every cycle now so I'm a happy bunny.Feeling good so far today and I'm. Not spending the day in bed 2 lots of Poldark to catch up on so will just take in the eye
candy and rest up a bit .Hopefully more dancing and ironing to come .I know @LankyYankee works as an oncology nurse and I don't know if any other nurses read any of these forums but just wanted to say you guys rock and thank you for getting out of bed every day to care💜💜,