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Beating Bowel Cancer Community

Stage 4 bowel cancer


Hooray, it's a Picolax day

I have a colonoscopy tomorrow (just a scheduled one, as it's been a while since my surgery) so today is the fun bowel prep day. I've done this loads of times now but it's still rather frustrating...

Alan C

Good Luck.:o


Loads of luck for tomorrow @Chris82!

Lady GT

Hope you are coping okay with Nuclear Poop Day @Chris82 .
And good luck for tomorrow. :x:


Oh @Chris82 , no fun at all! Thinking of you and your bowel!! :x::x::x:


Isn't bowel prep just THE worst @Chris82 Hoping all goes well tomorrow and you manage a poop free sleep! ????❤️


All done, and a clear bowel. Obviously would be nice if I didn't have the lymph nodes to worry about, but some reassurance that there's no sign of local recurrence. Time to eat!

Polly 1

Brilliant @Chris82 enjoy your lunch :x::x:


Great news @CHRIS Enjoy lunch! We've just arrived in London and can't believe the heat!! ????❤️


@Chris82 So glad to share this news Chris. Enjoy breaking your fast! hugs, B :x:

Lady GT

Hey @Chris82 , a nice clear bowel, that's what we like to hear. Congratulations! :x:


Fantastic news @Chris82 - hope you treated yourself to something delicious!


Brilliant, this is good news.:x:

Bear G

Great news @Chris82, 'clear bowel' is always good to hear. Hope you've had a celebratory ice cream!


Yey @Chris82 , I hope you celebrated with something delicious :x::x:

springer michelle

Great news @Chris82, clear bowel, just the magic word :x:


Pleased to hear that @Chris82. Node involvement is such a pain. :x::x:


Hi @Chris82 might your lymphs be suitable for radiotherapy at some stage? Have a google SABR although am sure you know about all this. Great bowel all clear! :x:


Hi @HH79. Yes, we've talked about it before. The basic answer is that there are too many, but it's obviously something to keep an eye on.


My oncologist was one of the first to use Cyberknife in the UK, so unfortunately I think he's likely correct.


Hi @Chris82 that's a shame but who knows, maybe the chemo or a new Chemo will come along that will shrink them well and could become possible in the future. Enjoy normal movements now colonoscopy all done! :x: