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Sharon p

Worried about my husband

Hello I hope someone can help, my husband who is 66 recently sent off his bowel screening kit, we had a letter to say they found blood in his samples, and they sent a different test for him to complete, this to had blood in it too, he now has to go for a colonoscopy, I am so worried as his mother had bowel cancer in her mid fifties.
He is my whole world and I'm worried sick but I know I must be strong for him so I'm not showing how worried I am. Does anyone know in view of the circumstances I've outlined what's the likely hood that he will have cancer, please be honest with me , thank you

Lady GT

Good morning @Sharon p , I'm sorry you find yourself here.
Now, deep breath ....
There are several reasons which could account for the blood in your husband's samples, but it's so easy to fear the worst, isn't it?
None of us here can predict what the outcome of the colonoscopy will be, but I understand you seeking answers and reassurance at this stage. Sadly, only the results will give the true picture.

For now, try to concentrate on the positives, and there ARE some!
Your husband obviously didn't display any symptoms prior to this test so, IF there is anything nasty in there, it's been caught nice and early. That is exactly what the screening test is designed to do. Bowel cancer (IF that is what your husband has) is very curable in the early stages.

We can't give you answers, but we CAN empathise with how you are feeling right now. The possibility of cancer throws your world upside down, doesn't it?
We all understand how worried you are.
But there is every chance this is NOT cancer, so try and hold onto that thought.

Do you have a date for the colonoscopy yet? Please do keep in touch and let us know how things go?


Good morning @Sharon p I can totally understand your fear and panic even at the thought of cancer but I think @Lady GT has said exactly what I would have also said to you. I'm glad your hubby is having thorough tests but at this stage it's almost impossible for anyone to say it is or isn't cancer. I hope you get his colonoscopy appointment soon as I know how difficult the waiting is. Hoping for good news Diane :x::x::x:

Sharon p

Thank you both for your reply and support, my husband has to speak to a nurse on the phone first to check his medical history etc before they give you the date for cocloscopy, the phone call is on 30/06/17, this does seem to be an unecessary delay why don't they put a questionair in with the Second test which you can fill in with detail of any medications or health issues, they could give you a date for your colonoscopy straight away then.
He has got some other symptoms but I didn't realise they could be connected to this. He is very tired all the time, his tummy looks swollen and he has had some problems going to the toilet. I'm more worried because his mum had bowel cancer in her mid fifties. The waiting for this phone call before colonoscopy is torture for people, what a strange set up. Thank you again :x:


Hi @Sharon p
The endless waiting is an absolute nightmare. I know it doesnt feel like it, but a couple of weeks will make absolutely no difference to the eventual outcome.
The main thing is now he is on track to get things sorted, so now is a great time to occupy yourselves with some treats and outings. And please don't bottle up your emotions....these things are better shared with each other.
Best wishes to you both.