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Stage 4 bowel cancer



Hi guys,
If you have stage 4 does that mean it is terminal?


Stage 4 means that bowel cancer has spread to other organs and each of those areas need to be taken into account in your treatment pathway. There are lots of really good examples of people living a good life with Stage 4; some continue to do well after eight years or so. Hugs, B :x:


Thank you :x:


Oh dear @njm80
This sounds as if you have spent all night worrying!! Obviously the answer is no, not necessarily. Even a few years ago there weren't many treatment options but now ideas are developing all the time.
So remember that even up to date survival statistics are already 5 years out of date. And that, here on the forum you will inevitably hear mostly from people with ongoing problems. We have had some lovely updates recently but many other former stage 4s are busy getting on with life (my dental hygienist is one, and I would never have known if she hadn't commented on my own medical history)

Lots of hugs!


I have a bit. I had my surgery on the 6th and all went to plan. I was expecting my test appointment in 3 weeks time but I had the letter from the hospital to say it is on Thursday so just getting myself worried :x:


Hi @njm80 this is such a stressful time as you're still recovering but also moving on to the next stage of treatment. As others have said, stage 4 includes a lot of us and we have very different circumstances. Some people are able to have curative treatment now. Others like me are living with cancer but lead surprisingly normal lives most of the time. Let us know how things are going.


Wishing you all the very best for Thursday @njm80 hope you have taken some comfort from the positive replies you have received. I've slipped to stage 4 due to a liver met but that was almost a year ago and have been clear since. My PET scan is this Thursday, so it will be a good day for both of us :x::x::x::x: