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Another spanner in the works

Well what a bloody weekend. Feel like someone is really pushing me to my limits of sanity.
Had a ct scan today that reavaled a huge ovarion cyst. So the hurrendous bloating is actually fluid and its squishing my kidney.
So plan of action is they will fit a stent to my kidney to try and prevent damage coz so far my kidney function is good, then step 2 is to sort this bloody cyst out. Praying to god theres no nasties.
So thats been my weekend :x::x:

springer michelle

Sorry to hear this, but you will get this done, stay strong lady :x::x:


Bugger! @gun-dog-lass , sending you a big hug and some extra seat belts so we can buckle in with you on this awful roller coaster - love and hugs, Alison :x::x::x:


Thank you guys. Still getting my head roumd it all will know more this week but from what i gater it will be done asap.
I get more stressed at the thought of a general anaesthetic i dont know why only ever had one and that was for the bowel op i got so worked up and had a complete break down in the knock out box esp when one of the trainee nurses fainted when she was watching me have my epidural put in. I just stress over it alot. Its out of my cantrol. Just got to put all faith in them :x::x:


Hi @gun-dog-lass. Feel for you and sending positive wishes. What a roller coaster for you but sounds like you are tackling it head on. Positive nasties...we all have to put a leap of faith in our surgeons and I'm sure he will take the best care of You. You will be out enjoying fishing before you know it. :x::x:


@gun-dog-lass What a horrible time you're having; no wonder your stress levels are high. The good thing, is that you have a team you trust, and the resilience and fortitude to get through this current setback, even tough you feel at the end of your rope sometimes. Tie and knot in it and hang on! :D Hugs, b :x:


So sorry to hear @gun-dog-lass. I do hope that things get better for you really soon. Hugs Maggie :x::x:


@gun-dog-lass try not to worry about the GA I'd only ever had one and when it came to the second time I was apprehensive but was smoother than first. I think because no epidural involved maybe. You can do this, just keep plodding on you'll get there.


Thank you to everyone thats replied. Im not too bad now i know its got to be done. My sister had a chat with me today ive got a lot of support behind me including you guys so thank you.
I got through the bowel surgery and anaesthetic for the 4 hour operation ok i didnt really feel sick or anything either. I need to stop fretting so much. Ive come this far i will keep battling on. Was jist a shock :x::x:


Hi @gun-dog-lass your in the right place, they will get you sorted. You can do this !

Sending love & hugs :x:


Hi @gun-dog-lass sorry to hear you have another hurdle to get over, but your strength will get you through. Best wishes and prayers for you. :x:


I'm so sorry to hear this @gun-dog-lass, I feel your pain re the GA, they terrify me to but they know what they are doing. Let them sort you out then you can get back on the road to recovery. You've got this! Big hugs :x::x:


Unfortunately when we have scans it does pick up other things. Mine picked up problems with my womb. I had surgery last week and awaiting results on a biopsy at the moment. It all seems to happen at once. Try not to worry to much. I am the same after my surgery and keep thinking what's coming next.


Hope you are feeling less worried now @gun-dog-lass. I was always so scared of GA and sedation but I can honestly say I don't care now. Think I'm of the mind that, 'please just sort me out' so I just go with it. Have they given you any dates yet? :x::x::x::x:


Hope you are feeling a bit better. :x::x:


So sorry to hear this @gun-dog-lass, If It's not one thing It's something else, another hurdle to cross. Hopefully they will get you sorted asap. thinking of you. :x::x::x::x:


Hope things are being sorted for you @gun-dog-lass and that you are feeling betterxx


Im doing ok having to take painkillers but feel fine. MDT meeting was this aft so shohld hopefully hear from my surgon tomorrow :x::x:


Thinking of you for tomorrow @gun-dog-lass :x::x:


Gosh, it never rains but it pours @gun-dog-lass It's so unfair how we are hit with challenge after challenge isn't it? Stay strong, you will manage this! ????❤️


Hope you are feeling a bit better. :x::x: