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Suspected blood clot

Monday back to clinic for picc line check. Blood seen around line. Tuesday back to clinic as blood now seeped into dressing. Thursday oncologist appointment and blood taken. Blood again on picc line site and nurses notice slight swelling on arm. Oncologist suspects dvt and am sent to X-ray with urgent request from oncologist - where upon I was offered an appointment for 11th July!!! Returned to unit rather dismayed and the sister spends ages trying to get an ultrasound arranged, she wouldn't go home without getting something sorted. So I went off to my favourite place (a & e) and 8.5 hours later was admitted! Overnight stay then Spent all of next day waiting for a scan only to be told late afternoon that the scan had been booked to the wrong department! They would have to wait till monday to get the scan done. The head nurse from Oncology got involved and arranged for me to go home with injections. So another trip today to pick up the jabs and hopefully get mondays scan confirmed. Its early days to become a drama queen but I think I've jumped up the queue a few places. Thank god for my 60+ travel card!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


@steve707 I'm exhausted just reading about it, and dismayed that you have to wait so long. But then ten out of ten for the sister and oncology staff, bless them. They restore your faith in an overstretched service struggling to cope. Sending you lots of good wishes as you get on with the jabs! Not nice, but a boon to have them help keep things stable. Hugs, B :x:


Hi @Brian, It definitely was a bit of a marathon, however I will never moan about the NHS. We are lucky to have a service such as this. As far as the care that I have received, I cannot fault it, the staff work so hard. There are times when there are communication issues within departments but hey it is what it is. You only need that one person good or bad to make your day.


Had my ultrasound today and no blood clot, so now hoping all is ok for cycle 2 on Wednesday. The nurses are still not happy with the bleeding from pick line so may look at having another fitted. Fingers crossed


Hi @steve707 cant believe all the stress you have gone through, but I'm so pleased it isn't a blood clot, and hope all goes well for cycle 2 on Wednesday. Sounds like they might be better to start again with a new PICC line, fingers crossed for you :x::x::x::x:


After being given the all clear, and being on 120mg enoxaparin as treatment during the week . I receive a call from the oncology nurses to ask if I am still taking the enoxaprin, I Informed them that the ambulatory care team told me I could stop. The nurse informs me that my D Dimer levels are extremely high at 666 mcg/l and I should continue with treatment and she will talk to oncologist. My Oncologist has now put me on 28 days of 40mg Clexin. This as they think that the clot, If I had one, may have been somewhere else or moved. So the saga continues. Oh what fun cancer is my life has never been so eventful.