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Feeling low

Hello all, I'm on day 12 of cycle 1, Capox, and feeling like my mood has plummeted. It feels chemical if you know what I mean rather than triggered by anything. Is this a side effect?! Or just me? :x::x:


@Swanseacat No it's not just you! Many of us have a lull which can be hard to shake. We go through such a lot! Why do we express surprise or disappointment when we hit a low spot? Be gentle with yourself and do what you feel like doing. Curl up and hide away if you need to; get out into the fresh air and sunshine (protection of course) if that's your thing; you are allowed this blip and many more if you need them. These are powerful drugs, and we are pumped full of them! If you find it doesn't pass, do seek help and support. I had this from a psychological counsellor and it was a God-send. Sending you enfolding hugs as you get through this. B :x::x:


Hi @Swanseacat
I totally agree with Brian. The 1st time it happened to me I felt like a wimp and a total failure. But once I realised it was going to happen for a day or 2 every fortnight, I just went with it, knowing I would soon feel better.

Luckily my timetable was such that it happened over a weekend, so it was offset by an outing for coffee and cake!

Lady B

Aw I know how you feel @Swanseacat, feeling a bit low myself this time. Had my second infusion on Monday and still feeling very rough! I would definitely recommend having a picc line in as if I'd had to deal with the pain in the arm this time it would have been even worse! My throat closed up when I got back from hospital and I couldn't breathe properly which really scared me. Hopefully they might be able to reduce my dose but I'll wait and see what they say at my next review. Sending you a big hug ? and just to let you know you are not alone xxx?


Hi @Swanseacat so sorry you are feeling low, but I know exactly what you mean. I had it in and off during chemo, and could never understand how I could suddenly come crashing down. Try and just think of it as a definite side effect, and try your best not to worry about it. It always passes big hugs Diane :x::x::x::x:


Hi @Swanseacat - it's not you - I've had quite a few days when I've felt really down.

It does pass - hopefully you'll feel a bit brighter soon.



Hi @Swanseacat It is perfectly normal to have down times, we all have them, I am on a break from chemo and I still get down days, awful as it is, you mood will lift. Hope it's sunny where you are, you can top up on your vitamin D and that may help,
Best wishes
Kim :x::x:


@DianeS @kim74 @Delboy @Lady B @Brian @Lizalou thank you all. I just felt all day like I had no emotional reserves left, not for my kids or my husband. Couldn't shift it at all - until this evening my toddler threw his drinking cup so hard at my husband that he squealed in pain and I just couldn't help laughing!!

I'll be more prepared for this crash next cycle hopefully. Thank you all and hugs for those in the midst of chemo too :x::x: