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I have been turned down funding for RFA by the NHS (WALES) which I wasn't really surprised with, apparently I didn't meet the criteria, so I am looking to self fund it. My oncologist doesn't know of anyone he could recommend who does it privately, so can anyone recommend someone. I live in South Wales near Swansea, I am willing to travel, it is for lung ablation, I did have a lung resection a year ago at the Royal Brompton London, I know that they do it there, but would rather go with someone that has been recommended.
Kim :x::x:

Bear G

Hi @kim74
I just had lung ablation done privately in London. It was by Professor Edward Leen at the Princess Grace Hospital (he's also at Charing Cross Hospital).
I can definitely recommend him - nice guy and excellent at the op, I didn't even have a scar!
He even did my consultation via Skype.
I'm sure you'll get lots of other great suggestions too
Hope this helps
Big hugs


Hi @Bear Gst Thanks for the information, I had my port fitted in the Princess Grace Hospital, so I will definitely be looking him up. Consultation via Skype sounds good.
Thanks again
Kim :x::x: