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A day in hospital

Well folks unexpectadly ended up in a and e tbis morning with severe right side abdominal pain. Was then refered to pinderfields surgical assesment ward. They first suspected appendix then a blockage. Bloods came back fine. Xray didnt really reveal much there was faecal matter there but not blocked. So ct scan tomorrow.
I have also not passed any wind for 24 hours until the past hour and it has given me a bit of relief. I am also constipated which dosnt help. So we will see what tomorrow brings. :x::x:


Oh no @gun-dog-lass
You really aren't doing very well at all. I do hope they sort you out soon. Sending lots of hugs. :x::x:


Oh @gun-dog-lass really hope you are feeling better soon ! Pinderfields is our local hospital also, my hubby had his re section in pinderfields in January although hoes to clinic and for chemo at dewsbury !

Take care and sending love :x::x::x:


Oh bless you @gun-dog-lass , hope things get sorted soon and you start 'farting like a trooper ' asap. Thinking of you :x::x::x::x:


What a crappy week you've had @gun-dog-lass. Hope you get sorted and start to feel better soon :x:

El Ivan

Hope you start to feel better soon @gun-dog-lass ?:x:


@gun-dog-lass So sorry your woes continue but pleased to hear your being cared for. Hope you're soon on the mend. hugs, B :x:

springer michelle

Sorry to hear you're in hospital. Take care :x:


Hope you will soon feel better @gun-dog-lass Hugs Maggie :x::x:


What a shame @gun-dog-lass as you were so looking fwd to your fishing weekend. At least you are in the right place and they will get it sorted. Sending positive thoughts. X try and get a good night's sleep if possible


Thanks everyone its been a shitter of a week. But on a positive note after not passing any wind for 24 hours im now literally farting like a trooper now. @Trinity i have obcology at pinders and also had my surgery there in dec 16. Any way see what tomorrows ct scan reveals but after passing wind i do feel less pain now. What a carry on ey lol :x::x:


Good to hear your in less pain now @gun-dog-lass your in the best place and I'm sure they will soon have you sorted

Take care :x::x::x:


Morning @gun-dog-lass sorry Ive only just seen your thread, and I'm so sorry you ended up in A&E. I'm glad your pain has eased, all of this can be so stressful, but I'm glad to hear you are having a scan today and your team are being proactive. Best of luck to you, hope all goes well today, love D :x::x::x::x::x:


Sorry to hear you're suffering @gun-dog-lass. Good luck with your scan today and I hope you're on the mend soon :x::x:


Glad to hear the trooper is trumping again @gun-dog-lass I'm always in awe of the importance of regular toots and poops in bowel cancer. The minute one dissapears, our bodies are in chaos! Hope today is a better one! ❤️????


@gun-dog-lass good to hear you're farting nicely and it's helped with the pain! Good luck with your scan today. Sending love :x::x::x: