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Stage 4 bowel cancer


CT report

CT scan shows nothing new and Mets in the liver stable after 18 rounds of folfox. Plan is for further 6 cycles of folfox then repeat scan.
Hayley :x:


Hi @Hayley1974 That's really good news, well done you, I am amazed that you have done 18 rounds of Folfox and doing another six. Good luck with the next lot.
Best wishes
Kim :x::x::x:


That sounds like good news @Hayley1974 - all power to you.


Stable sounds good to me @Hayley1974

How are you coping with the ongoing chemo? It is obviously doing its job which is great, but have you got the dose/side effects balance working well for you? (Just curious!)
Best wishes for more good results. :x:


Hi @Lizalou I've been really lucky and only had minimal side effects. I've not had any dose reductions or anything. I think it's the neuropathy that can be unbearable but so far just the ends of my fingers are a bit prickly and sensitive.
I think the weather being warmer again has helped the oxy was definitely harder during the winter.
Hayley :x:

Bear G

Stable is great news @Hayley1974 , really pleased for you and it's great that you're managing it so well


Postive news @hayley74 ☺️. Wishing you luck with your next 6 cycles :x::x::x:


That sounds great news @Hayley1974 :x::x::x:


Brilliant news @Hayley1974. Hope everything continues well for you. Maggie :x::x: