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SUNSHINE Trial : High-Dose Vitamin D Improved PFS in Colorectal Cancer - Video

Interesting research! Has anyone been recommended or told not to take Vitamin D supplements by their oncologists?


Thanks @eyeofthetiger I read Vit D good somewhere will start! :x:

Lady GT

Hi @eyeofthetiger and @HH79 . This is an interesting piece and I'm not criticising it in any way.
However, His Lordship was told not to take supplements of any kind during his chemotherapy. I can't remember the details of why, something to do with how the liver reacts ...

Maybe mention this research at your next onc appointments and see what your doctors advise for you, individually?


My prof suggested 18 months ago that I take vitamin D daily. I regularly check if I should continue to do so. :x:


Vitamin D the only supplement my oncologist recommends. Says only one patient in 15 years has not been vitamin D deficient and he had just come back from a world cruise. But I am intending to check dose with him next time I see him.


This is really interesting @eyeofthetiger Thank you for posting! ????❤️


My oncologist said I had to stop my macushield and multi vitamin/mineral probiotic tabs before chemo but could take a daily vit D throughout the treatment .


Hi @eyeofthetiger thanks for posting. With or without cancer most people are Vit D deficient in the UK due to our climate. We only need 20 mins of sunshine on our bodies per pay to make sure we have enough. I was advised to leave off sun cream for the first 20 mins of being in the sun, and then slap it on. I try to get out every day now as Sun can penetrate through cloud. Haven't needed a supplement and my levels are good. As @Lady GT has said check with your oncologists everyone before taking supplements. Mine also said none during chemo :x::x::x::x:


I had strict instructions to hide from the sun whilst on chemo. Now that's finished I'm back in the sun whenever possible.