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Stage 4 bowel cancer


sudden post op fatigue

Hi everyone,
I am 4 weeks post op bowel resection. I have been improving every day, getting out and about. This week I feel as if I have been injected with a sleeping concoction, and have been lounging around on the sofa a littke too much for my liking.
I remember when I had my liver resection, the specialist nurse advised me that I may feel more lethargic around week 4, and I did.
can anyone else relate to this?

Lady GT

Hi @Clancy and yep!
This recovery business is a weird old beast, littered with unexpected ups and downs. And it can be demoralizing to feel that you've taken a 'step backwards'.
You haven't at all, this is just your body saying, 'You know what? I've done such a fab job recovering so far, I just need a little rest before I carry on with the job.'
So, my advice would be ... rest as much as you need but try to intersperse it with just a little exercise. Walking around the garden will do.
The main thing is NOT to see this as a setback. It won't be long before you are up and running again, just don't force things.
Happy healing! :x:


Thankyou LadyGT i was just overthinking perhaps. I feel more energised today.:x::x:


Hi @Clancy in week 7 post op and been doing ok and then this week have a similar feeling.. .Hopefully it will pass.


Hi @Lady GT thanks for the words as they are relevant to me too. Good wisdom
I've been overthinking too! @Clancy


Be gentle with yourselves @Clancy @Bridget55

Perhaps keep a weekly diary so that you can see the bigger picture. We all have off days so don't worry. :x::x:


Good advice @Lizalou thanks for looking out for us b :x::x:


@Clancy I can certainly relate to this!! I think I'm almost at the 13 week mark following my surgery and I can honestly say, the last 4 weeks have been much more difficult than the previous 4. I've had issues with nausea and occasional vomiting, diarrhoea and I suppose dehydration. This in turn has knocked me back exercise wise and I was beginning to really feel like I was going backwards! Thankfully, I've improved considerably over the last few days and hope I'm not going back again! I'm going to start keeping a brief diary again as I found it very useful before. Sending lots of love to you all! ????❤️