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2nd iv chemo delayed a week

Hi there. I've just started week 2 of Capox (tablets). I will then have a week free. My appt at the hospital should be the following week for cycle 2. This appt has been cancelled as no appts available so I have an appt the week after that. I'm on the cancellation list. Do I need to worry about this? The thought of 2 week free weeks does sound appealing tho. Many thanks for your input. :x:


Hi @bexly33 - lots of people do have breaks and a week is usually nothing much to worry about - for various reasons people have longer delays.

But I would perhaps push for a cancellation slot as you have only just started the course - seems odd that the next appointment is a whole week away, and I'd make a nuisance of myself until they fitted me in - but I am stroppy :)

That's my opinion and perhaps the nurses will answer this and give a more informed reply about a week's delay at the start. But I know about the thought of 2 free weeks - one day I turned up for the appt and they had forgotten to order the oxaliplatin so I went home delighted - it felt like I was bunking off school for the day!


Thank you @Terrish. Yes ur right. I'm going to ring them tmrw. Appreciate ur advice. :x::x::x:


How long has it been since your operation @bexly33? You are meant to start chemo in under 12 weeks, with 6 weeks the minimum so your body has recovered from surgery, although I started at 5 weeks and 5 days because I was trying to avoid having chemo for my dad's 80th party!

If you have started well within the 12 weeks then there is probably no need to worry too much, but you might appreciate a week's delay further in rather than at the start - such lovely stuff isn't it!


31 March. Yes, it is. Didn't think I cd get so much pleasure in the delay of a week. How life was before is fading into memory. ☹️ Will still give them a call. Thanks again for info :x::x::x:


Hi @bexly33 I agree with @Terrish I don't think a week delay isn't anything to worry about, but I would be pushing to try and get that appointment, best of luck :x::x::x::x:


Thank you @DianeS. :x::x::x:


Let us know how you get on @bexly33 :x::x:


I agree, one week should be no problem... good luck!


No ccl slots available apart from 1-2 days earlier so leaving it as it is. Hoping to eat ice cream on these free weeks. My daughter can get back to her dissertation due end of Aug when her 12 week management place finishes. Will be a cause of celebration when she graduates. It's been a long haul for her now just final stage. Thank you for advice etc everyone :x::x::x: