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Stage 4 bowel cancer


Mums last Chemo!!!

Finally got to the end of her Chemo. She has her bottle taken off tomorrow. ? She had her CT Scan and MRI scan on Monday and will get the results Monday!! Hoping for shrinkage so they can get on with her Liver operation. :x::x:


Hi @Tracyo

Well done to your mum for getting this far and well done to you for supporting her. Lots of good wishes for good news on Monday. :x:


Best wishes to you all @Trayco, especially your mum. Hope all good on Monday! :x::x::x:


Hi ladies thanks for the reply. My mum got a phone call on Friday to say the chemo has worked and she is now ready for her operations. She's got an appointment with her oncologist today so will know more but good news all round :x::x:


That's great news! Well done and best wishes to your mum for the next step.


So happy for you and your mum @Tracyo hope the oncology appointment has gone well today :x::x::x::x:

springer michelle

Brilliant news, hope the appt went well. Get it done yay :x:

Lady GT

Ah, the magic words, 'Chemo has worked'.
So very pleased for you @Tracyo and hope today's appointment went well.
Onwards and upwards. :x:


Great news! @Tracyo ????❤️


Yep it's great. Mum said that the operation on the liver will be around 2 weeks time on the liver then she will need radiotherapy and more chemo to shrink the bowel more then the bowel op :x::x::x:


Anyone had Chemo tablets??? :x::x:


@Tracyo Yes, Me! Capecitabine. Hugs, B :x:

Polly 1

Brilliant news @Tracyo :x:


Me too @Tracyo - with radiotherapy before my op and now as part of my follow up chemo. Found the capecitabine to be ok but keep your hands and feet well moisturised. Psychologically they are good cos it feels like you're just taking tablets not having chemo if that makes sense! Best wishes to both you and your mum :x:


Hope they don't make her sick, she was good in the chemo with the pic line. Are tablets stronger or the opposite :x::x:

springer michelle

I had capecitabine tablets while having radiotherapy, I was fine :x: