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Stage 4 bowel cancer


It's progressed.

Had my preassessment for tomorrow's next round of chemo and the Dr told me that the scan I had prior to chemo, the baseline one, showed that the cancer has progressed. I now have multiple lesions on my liver, oncologist said more that 5 but less than 10, from what he could rememeber. He was still using the term 'curative', but I am totally freaked out and feel worse, mood wise, than I have in a long time.

Anyone else had multiple lesions like this? What did you do? Is there anthing that I should/shouldn't be drinking/eating to try and help my liver? I am already not drinking alcohol.

Thanks for reading

springer michelle

Always remember the word curative. I did its what got me through :x::x:

Bear G

Hi @KatB
Yes, I had 3 on my liver and around 8 on my lungs, all sorted by chemo 4 years ago.
The key thing to remember is that the scan was BEFORE you started on your chemo! It's not showing the effects you and your chemo are having. Picture the next scan showing the little blighters in the run!!
Big hugs


Hi @KatB just to say my husband was diagnosed Stage 4 with multiple lesions in his liver like you but he had a great response to Folfiri and Cetuximab and had liver resection last August. As for trying to help your liver I think just try and focus on the effect that chemo can have. Warm wishes


Thanks everyone. Hopefully I will respond well to the chemo. I love my husband too much to leave him so soon.


@katyb I had a similar situation although mine was a baseline scan following my post op chemo, as my oncologist put it we are not looking for cancer just so we can mark all future scans against it. Low and behold notable lesions were found 13 in total across both lobes. I had further chemo - cetuximab and Folfiri, and now going on for ablation and surgery.
Everything looks positive.
I don't drink alcohol apart from occasional glass, cut back on sugar and I've started to up my exercise again. Been off chemo for a while and am not as affected by fatigue.


Hello @KatB, I'm so sorry to read that your scan results showed that your cancer has progressed. That must be hard to hear, and I can not imagine what it feels like, but I loved what you wrote about "I love my husband too much to leave him so soon"... Hold on to that sentiment- you have so much to live for.. let's hope the chemo kicks those nasties and you and your lovely husband will have a long lifetime of love together. Big hugs ?


Hi @KatB - sorry to hear that your cancer has progressed. Hoping the chemo does its stuff.



@KatB just echoing what everyone else has said - so sorry, but keep going as hopefully chemo is knocking off the little bastards one by one. You are young and strong and your body is fighting :x::x::x:


Thanks everyone. Feeling more positive today. Yes it's spread, but I'm getting good treatment and have an amazing support network behind me. 2nd round of chemo starting today, so I'm off to kick ass.


Hello all, some good news today. My tumour count in my blood has gone down A LOT.


Like you KatB, I love my husband and family too much to,leave is what gives me the fighting spirit. I have multiple mets all over the liver and have been put on targeted Panitumumab . My next ct scan in early July will tell us whether there has been any reduction. My tumour count in my bloods has gone down from 275 to 29 so something is happening! All the best and keep us posted. :x::x::x:


Mine was well over 2000 and it's now just over 1000. Those sounds like scary high numbers now I've looked on here, but I'll focus on the positive that it went down so much.


@KatB mine was over 1000 when I got diagnosed again so I fully get how scary that figure is. Don't now what I am Now?


So sorry to read this news @KatB I've had one lesion resected from my liver back in January and just learned last week that it's back in my liver once again. I'm really hopeful of another resection following chemo. My cancer responded very well to Folfiri and Cetuximab before so I'm hoping for same again! Sending you lots of love and strength ????❤️


Thank you! Back at ya!


Thank you everyone.