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??? Diarrhoea ? ??

Well folks I've been in hospital for a week now with cronic diarrhoea, I'm so dehydrated all I want to to is drink gallons of nice cold fluid, but no, all I've been aloud for a week is rehydration fluid and only a limited amount as when I have too much it just ups the diarrhoea episodes. I'm on a syringe drive with the highest dose of ocreotide, 8 loperamide a day, I've got an infection so I'm having antibiotics for that (which makes the ? green!) & im neutropenic. I'm not producing any saliva so I can only swallow wet food, which means in this hospial means yoguart or ice cream, there just isn't really anything else on the menu that I'm aloud, that's low residue & wet enough to swallow - aaagggghhh, it's a nightmare! Any suggestions to bung me up would be great as I just want to get the hell out of here! Also I've had to try & keep this from my dad as he's elderly & worries, he lives in an annex on the side of my house & so far he thinks I'm still at home, but I don't know how much longer he's going to believe that. Maybe I need to start eating superglue! I'm at the end of my tether, so thirsty & dehydrated but have literally been given gallons of fluid - HEELLLPPPP!!! ???


I know @LankyYankee had similar problems with Cetuximab, @Pitstop - so she may be able to give some info about what was offered to her for this. She might be on her honeymoon still, though!

springer michelle

That's awful hope it eases very soon :x::x:


Poor you @Pitstop. I do hope you will get some answers soon. Hugs Maggie :x::x:


How very strange @Pitstop ? Isn't that weird. It looks very sore bless your heart. Thinking of you.:x::x::x:


I'm glad they've started you on TPN @Pitstop, hopefully you're feeling better on it. I have a high output stoma and take the following daily to try to reduce output (essentially, to try to bung me up!): 32 x 2mg loperamide, 4 x 60mg codeine phosphate, 40mg omeprazole, 1 sachet colestyramine (questran). I also have a fortnightly lanreotide injection in place of octreotide. So it sounds as though they could try adding some opiates (codeine) to your drugs if you're still suffering diarrhoea? I hope you're well enough to go home soon :x::x::x:


Hi @Pitstop just wondering how you're doing hun? Hope it's eased right off and you've been allowed to start some food. Big hugs :x::x::x::x:


Hi @fnkyf8, I was released from hospital yesterday after being in 16 days. I can't tell you how nice it is to be home ?. I'm still very weak but much better. Of all my operations & chemo issues, this one has been by far the scariest, I just kept getting worse & worse & could see no light at the end of the tunnel. I've got another 1-2 weeks rest, then back to chemo. it will be a reduced dose as my body just couldn't cope with the dose I was on. If I get one more toxicity episode they will stop cetuximab for good, & that can't happen as it's my last option. So I need to get fighting fit & quick!! ?? :x::x::x:


I am cross now, I wrote an instant reply half an hour ago and it has disappeared into the ether, so I will start again, hope I can remember what I said..........

Hi @Pitstop I am so pleased that you are finally home. I spent 11 days in hospital after my reversal op and, although I knew I just had to be patient, it was a nightmare. So i can only imagine how much worse your ordeal has been.

But as soon as we are home, own bed, own bathroom, home cooked food, peace and quiet, family around us, we recuperate very quickly. So lots of good wishes :x:


So pleased you home at last @Pitstop. I hope two weeks rest will do you the power of good and you will be fit enough to face the next next hurdle. Sending you hugs and good wishes. Maggie :x::x:


Thanks @Lizalou, I feel so much better for being at home ?, & don't even talk to me about the hospital food, I can't believe that they actually dish that muck up!! Thanks @MaggieMae :x::x::x:


Yay! So pleased to hear that you are home again @Pitstop , your own bed, peace and quiet, your own bathroom and eat when and what you want. Sending lots of get well wishes and hugs, Alison :x::x::x:


There's nothing like home, you're so right @Pitstop - now just one step at a time to start building yourself up - and sending you lots and lots of love , Mary :x::x::x:


@Pitstop girl I've been exactly where you are! I was in with severe dehydration and blistering skin rash and infection. What else were you on besides cetuximab? We're you on capecitabine by chance? You cant occlude all your skin with dressings as great as an idea as it seems. I used topical steroid cream prescribed for me by dermatology. It worked well to start. I would give it a try. Get a hold of your acute oncology nurse and ask for steroid cream. I'm so sorry you are going through this. My elderly mother lives with me too and when I was hospitalised for rehydration etc it stressed her out hugely and her own health suffered. You are going to come through this. Eating sounds like a misery. Get some ice lollies for refreshing your mouth but they dont have many calories. Milk based things like ice cream and yogurt can make your diarrhoea worse so be careful. Try mashed potatoes with gravy or something like that if you can. I'm sending you all my love and strength :x::x::x:

springer michelle

So glad you're home @Pitstop, and have a lovely rest in your own bed and chill, good luck :x:


Hi @Pitstop, sorry to heat you have had a rough couple of weeks :( Glad you are back home to recuperate. Hope you start feeling better soon. :x:


So glad to hear you're back home and feeling a little better @Pitstop - also great to see a message from @LankyYankee too!


So pleased you are home @Pitstop ? sleep well ? and get stronger ?? loads of love xxxx ?


Delighted to see you are home at last @Pitstop! Take it easy and I hope you continue to improve over the next couple of weeks ready to start treatment again. Sending lots of love and strength ❤️????


Really glad you are out @Pitstop . Im wishing you a speedy recovery. Thinking of you. Lots of love.:x::x:


Delighted you are home @Pitstop hope your recovery goes well now, and you start to feel a lot better in yourself. Sending lots of love Diane :x::x: