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Stage 4 bowel cancer


SUP for Cancer fundraising

Morning all,

Just thought I would share my first fundraising effort with you guys. I'm taking part in a 12Km Stand Up Paddle Boarding race on the 25th of June and am hoping to raise a few quid for Bowel Cancer Uk in the process. (I hope it's ok to post a fund raiser for another charity here, BBC is next I swear ;) )

All the best,

Ben :)


Hi @Ben81 Great Efforts Dude!! Where are you doing the Stand up Paddle? xx Lanky Yankee


Thanks @LankyYankee, this is the event ... .. .it kicks off at the Southampton Water Activities Centre. Looking forward to it and hoping for a bit of sunshine ;)

Hope you are feeling ok this morning! :x:


Wow, I need to check this out. My brother lives down near there too.


Well done @Ben81! ??????


Sponsored! - good luck with this @Ben81 - cheers Ron


Morning all!

Just wanted to say thanks again for the support. The event went really well and although it was a hard slog I managed to complete the course in a reasonable time. I'm pretty sure I was the fastest Stage 4 cancer survivor taking part at any rate. ;)

I am really pleased to have raised about £1400 in sponsorship which with gift aid will end up around the £1700 mark. This will all go towards funding research into life saving treatments for people in positions like ours in the future.

The only downside is that I appear to have buggered my knee a bit due to some over enthusiastic paddling and can't walk much this morning. I'm disappointed but I won't be able to drag myself up to London for today's IMPACT meeting. I was very much looking forward to meeting @Bear Gst and anyone else who was attending and am sorry to let you down. :(

Thanks again and I hope everyone has a decent week.

Ben x


@Ben81 No need to apologise! Congratulations on a magnificent achievement. Great photo; thanks for sharing. Hope you repair quickly. hugs, B :x:

Simba 1998

@Ben81 fab achievement well done . Hope knee recovers swiftly for u . Photo makes it look like it was a breeze ?:x:

springer michelle

Brilliant, well done you. Hope theknee settles down, plenty rest now :x:


Fabulous stuff @Ben81 - I have just donated for your sponsorship. Hope the knee is better soon!


Fantastic @Ben81 and love the photo. Hope you recover soon and the knee gets better, Diane :x::x::x::x:


Thanks everyone, feeling much better now! That was tougher than I thought it would be :0) :x:

Bear G

Hi @Ben81
Well done on the fundraising but sorry to hear about the knee, hope it's healing well.
You were missed on Monday! I actually introduced myself to one guy as 'Bear' as I thought he said his name was Ben, he looked very confused!
Hopefully you'll be able to make the next meeting
Big hugs