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When bowel cancer returns


Cancer........Please give me a break!

Following 18 cycles of Folfiri and Cetuximab finishing last Dec in preparation for surgery, I had a liver resection in January and Cytoreductive surgery and HIPEC in March, I'm still recovering and suffering from constant nausea and erratic BM. Last Tuesday/Wednesday we flew to London to see a new oncologist (for reasons outwith my control I had to change) had a CT scan and my first cycle of Cetuximab only because my wound has not quite fully healed. I was pretty devastated to receive a call from my Oncologist on Friday morning to tell me that it looks like it's back in my liver once again (after only 4 and a half months!) He has sent the scan and written to my liver surgeon in Basingstoke to review it and explore if there can be a surgical option. I've taken this really hard especially since I'm still recovering from all the surgery I've had. I've had such a rotten weekend and just don't want to tell anybody apart from my husband. It's taken me since Friday to be able to post. I just wanted a bit of a break from cancer. Sending love and strength to all of you. 💛💙💚💜❤️


Thank you guys @Polly 1 @GD1962 - hope you're feeling a bit better today? @John2628 @Alan C and @Meezermum I hope I'll be joining the jabbing club today but not if the GP receptionists have anything to do with it!! Rant alert: - Radiologist yesterday was concerned enough about the lung and heart clots to call my Oncologist right after the scan. Oncologist was concerned enough to call my GP practice to speak to my GP yesterday morning about prescribing me the injections. I drive down to surgery this morning with hand written letter from Oncologist and speak to the very miserable receptionist to explain things and conversation goes like this......right, you'll not get this 'til Monday now.....I say I really would like to start on the injections today if possible, do you think perhaps one of the GPs could do a prescription today? The miserable face says, well you can call after 4pm to find out if there's a prescription for you but we only have 2 doctors on. Why are these people in these jobs?? Rant over! (Sorry to moderators and forum users to have a moan about GP receptionists but I couldn't help it! 😘) Sending lots of love and hugs to each and every one of you! 💜💙💚💛❤️


Thank you @Rach! :x::x::x::x:


How infuriating @Baxter. When you are already feeling wobbly, the last thing you need is a fight for something which even a dim-witted receptionist knows is urgent. When I had my DVT scare just before Xmas, the a and e doctor gave me my prescription, the only problem was trying 5 pharmacies before I could get it!

Just a little vote for GP receptionists.....ours took it upon herself to chase husband's ct scan results last week and kept us up to date.


@Lizalou I know they're not all difficult but apart from the practice manager and one young girl, ours are all miserable and difficult! One of my best friends is a Gp receptionist and she even moans about them haha! I've already called Boots to check they have what I need in stock. They do and are holding it for me! Some people are so helpful thankfully! 💜💙💚💛❤️


I'm with @baxter on this unfortunately - my GP surgery has a bunch of unhelpful and miserable receptionists - and you daren't say anything cos they'll be even less helpful.

My colorectal nurse arranged for my cyclazine via my GP - fax, follow up phone call, etc... my wife called in twice before she then said she'd wait. 45 mins they made her sit there before one of them decided to take it up for signature - and my wife is a nurse !!

The GPs and practise nurses are great and one of the receptionists is helpful, but I wonder why the rest of them don't just do a job they would enjoy.

Rant over 😀😀😀


Really pleased for you @Baxter2 such a good response long may it continue, you can take a deep breath now and move on to your next cycle knowing that it is doing the job. You deserve a break, a cruise sounds lovely, taking the Eurostar over to France is an option, or a trip on the orient express, I am getting carried away now (shows I haven't had a holiday in a while). As for GP receptionists they are a breed of there own, I never know what I am going to get when I call in sometimes really helpful, and sometimes I feel that they are doing me a favour by just speaking to me, so I put my best smile on and hope for the best.
Kim :x::x:


Thank you @kim74 I have my hubs on the case looking at cruises! I'm STILL on the GP receptionists case!!! I've now called 3 times today and they think there's a prescription but it's with one of the doctors. ive to go down there at 4.30 to see if they've found it! Arghh!! This is so frustrating and uneccesary! I've only been to my Gp 2 or 3 times since diagnosis over the last 2 years! It's not as if I'm there every other week! Second rant over! 💜💙💚💛❤️


@Baxter2, what a faff for you! You should not have to keep going to the surgery where there are germs. Sometimes it's better for the hospital to prescribe and dispense. Still happy at your other news though.:x::x:


@Delboy - you're lucky. My practices receptionists are the best part - this is the second successive Practice where the GPs have been useless. My last one missed me going into a diabetic coma - "stressed" and the tumour - I even mentioned bowel cancer to be told I was 'neurotic, women of your age don't get bowel cancer" - for OVER a year..
The one I have now times appointments - and will say things like "you've got 4 minutes left' - the receptionist is fine though - really helpful


Thanks @Clancy! Got my prescription at last and first jag done! Glad to have started on my treatment. Hopefully I won't need to bother the GP surgery ladies for a while! 💜💙💚💛❤️


@Baxter2 - so pleased you've had a such good response to the chemo. I'm hoping to be out of the jabbers club in a week, either no more anticoagulants or a switch to oral now I've finished chemo. At first I couldn't imagine doing the injections for six months, now it's just part of the routine. I now know where I can jab without really feeling it, and without leaving big bruises. Good luck, and a cruise sounds in order if you are grounded. 💋


Thank you @HappyAtom! I've managed to give myself a big bruise on my tummy. Any handy hints for me? 💜💙💚💛❤️


@Baxter2 I was taught to pinch the area top and bottom, and to inject at a 45 degree angle. The harder I pinched, the less I felt it. It seemed to work better just above my midriff where the skin is still quite firm, rather than into the more saggy bit (well, I am 58😀) below the line of the belly button. Avoid the area about 2 inches around your belly button, I think there are more nerves there.

I was also taught to make sure the "bubble" was at the top of the syringe ie furthest from the needle, and to inject the bubble too - this apparently helps with the bruising.

The bruising isn't really a problem, apart from the cosmetic appearance, but you are not supposed to inject into a bruise. Because I had an ileostomy I only had half a stomach to aim at, so not getting bruises was more important as I was running out of space, and I didn't fancy doing them in my thigh or bum (actually I couldn't have reached my bum 😀)

Jacey Connell 74

@Baxter2 Brilliant news on response to chemo :x::x:


thank you for the tips @HappyAtom. I'll see how no. 2 goes today! Thank you @Jacey Connell 💜💙💚💛❤️


Oh @Baxter2 what fantastic news 😁🎉! So happy to read your having a great response to chemo! Obviously sorry to here about your other issues however and I hope you have now got your prescription sorted?!? :x::x:


Thank you @mem. Yes, I have my supply of injections 😩How are you doing? Hope all went well and you're hopefully getting home soon? 💜💙💚💛❤️


Yay @Baxter2 about time eh! Fingers crossed they do the trick for you and happy cruise shopping! You SO deserve a break 😘! I'm doing well thankyou and I'm now at home. Glad its now behind me 😊 :x::x:


That's brilliant news @mem! I just saw this on your other post! Isn't it so good to have another thing done and under your belt! Have a lovely restful weekend! 💜💙💚💛❤️


Haha we seem to be jumping between posts @Baxter2! You have a lovely weekend too 😘 :x::x::x: