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Cancer........Please give me a break!

Following 18 cycles of Folfiri and Cetuximab finishing last Dec in preparation for surgery, I had a liver resection in January and Cytoreductive surgery and HIPEC in March, I'm still recovering and suffering from constant nausea and erratic BM. Last Tuesday/Wednesday we flew to London to see a new oncologist (for reasons outwith my control I had to change) had a CT scan and my first cycle of Cetuximab only because my wound has not quite fully healed. I was pretty devastated to receive a call from my Oncologist on Friday morning to tell me that it looks like it's back in my liver once again (after only 4 and a half months!) He has sent the scan and written to my liver surgeon in Basingstoke to review it and explore if there can be a surgical option. I've taken this really hard especially since I'm still recovering from all the surgery I've had. I've had such a rotten weekend and just don't want to tell anybody apart from my husband. It's taken me since Friday to be able to post. I just wanted a bit of a break from cancer. Sending love and strength to all of you. ????❤️


Great news @Baxter2. Hopefully you will enjoy a break in this country. Bridget :x::x:


Thanks @ Bridget. We're not having a break in this country, we are cruising from Rosyth (15/20 mins drive from my house) to Portugal, Spain, Madeira and the Canaries for 16 nights! No flying required! Can't wait! ????❤️

Scarlett the Bulldog

Hi, seems I'm late to the party ???, brilliant news @Baxter2! So happy that your chemo has worked for you. And fantastic news about your cruise, I've always fancied one of those and just think about all those new clothes! :x::x:


Haha, thank you @Scarlett the Bulldog! Yes, clothes for 16 days and nights and hopefully a huge luggage allowance as no fly! Im not a keen shopper but I'll do some raking around the summer sales! It's not long until your holidays! The pool looks great! I'm looking forward to the swimming to help my fitness. Enjoys yours and look forward to a photo or two! You've all earned this! ????❤️


Hi @Baxter2 So delighted to read that you have a cruise booked it will be lovely to just go and recharge. We went on a cruise a few years ago first trip off the boat was to Rome, the bus stopped at the services for a 10 minutes break, when we went for the coach after 10 mins the coach had gone,there we were frantically looking for it when it started to pour down, where were our jackets on the coach, luckily for us there was another coach which we were able to get on, and meet up with our coach, when we caught up with our coach we were soaking wet and when we got on the coach everyone cheered and clapped I was so ashamed, from then on if we ever saw anyone that was on either one of the coaches they would say " oh you are the couple who got left behind in the services" I tell you it could only happen to us, and it wasn't our fault the tour guide miscounted. On a serious note my port has always been temperamental I had a linogram thought that I might have to have a new one, it turned out to be blocked they put a solution through it I had to wait an hour to see if it would work, it did so I didn't need a replacement.
Kim :x::x:


Hi @Baxter2 so pleased you have booked your cruise, it sounds so lovely, please send us lots of piccies when you go. I haven't been on a cruise but have always fancied it. Hope you are having a restful weekend. Lots of love D :x::x::x::x:


Oh gosh @kim74 I hope nothing like that happens to me! I'm not sure how fit I'll be for hiking around so we'll just take it as it comes! I can see me going ashore in the canaries to lie on the beach and swim in the sea! The thought is so appealing to me right's been sooooooo long! I really hope the port gets the ok. I don't want it changed yet again! I've had a previous port and a Hickman line. Fingers crossed! I'll hopefully post some pics @DianeS! Weekend is so nice, the weather has been beautiful and we are going to a wedding all day tomorrow! Hope you both have a lovely sunny weekend too! ????❤️


@Baxter2 I hope you have the best best best best best best best best best time on your holiday. You keep up people's spirits on here so much and I wish you an amazing vacation :x::x::x:


Oh thank you so much for your good wishes and compliment @Jen82. I hope things are going ok for you with the new chemo regime? Lots of love, K ????❤️


You deserve this lovely cruise @Baxter2, enjoy yourself.:x::x:


Thank you @Clancy! I can't wait and just hope I'll stay well enough to enjoy it all! Hope you're doing ok? Lots of love, K ????❤️


Enjoy @Baxter2 - you've earned it ! ♥️


Thanks @Delboy! Hope you're feeling much better by now? K ????❤️


So glad to hear the chemo is working @Baxter2 :) And the cruise sounds fab - I'm very jealous! :x::x::x:


Oh thank you @caz81! I'm really looking forward to it and feel if we don't do it now, we may never do it! How are you doing? I really hope things are reasonably settled for you? Sending all my very best wishes K????❤️


Enjoy the cruise @Baxter2. Way to go...enjoy every minute relaxing and seeing new places. Look forward to some photos !! :x::x:


Thank you @Bridget55! Can't wait! ????❤️


@Baxter2 super news about your cruise! One thought...could the CEA rise be due to the inflammation caused by the fragmin injection? Has it gone up loads or just a tiny bit? Certainly a raise in CEA doesn't seem to jive with your excellent CT results. I'm sending you lots of positive vibes and am truly happily green with jealousy over your holidays! Much love xxx LY


Hope you are doing ok this week @LankyYankee - how are you feeling? My brother sends his best to you. He is having a big blast of radiotherapy tomorrow on the top of his femur so hoping to get rid of those nasty stray cells there which are causing him some pain. Otherwise he is not feeling too bad at the moment and just wants to get properly active again and have his chemo continue shrinkage in his lungs. Where are you at with your treatment?


Hi @LankyYankee. Lovely to hear from you and hope things are going alright for you? The Fragmin injections started the day after my scan and my CEA was already rising each fortnight. It isn't that high but even before my liver resection and CRS and HIPEC it was stable around 2.5. My cea has risen each fortnight and is now 6.5 or something. It doesn't fluctuate, just steadily rises by about one digit each time. It does concern me. I have read about dying cancer cells causing a rise in cea but not sure how accurate this is? I'd love to think that was the reason! @CD1966 All the best for your brothers radiotherapy tomorrow! ????❤️