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2 Part Liver Re-Section 14/6/17

Hey everyone!

The time is nearly here for me get some critters out. Having the first part of my op Wednesday. Second, 2 weeks later. Done via keyhole @ Hammersmith. Very fortunate in that i have one of the top guys, especially for this type of op, working on me.
He only expects i'll be in for a few days for the first part, possibly more for the second.

Has anyone else had this ? What were your experiences if so.

And obvs the usual Hospital essentials ;

Comfy/loose clothes. Slippers
Long lead for charger

Am i missing anything essential, that wouldn't be blindingly obvious?

Hope you're all bearing up well out there!?:x:


@Sean Glad to know you continue on a upward trend. We have setbacks along the way and forget that it's natural to do so after all we have been through. Learn to be a patient patient! hugs, b :x:


@Brian The whole situation, or rather change, threw me off. Honestly, i went in quitely expecting to be out in 2 days max. Given i thought it was gonna be a two part, and that the first wasn't to be so testing. After the the surgery i was up and about within a few hours, was delighted they done it in one,obviously. They expected i'd be out by the Friday.
The heat is what done me, not being able to sleep was tortuous. Say i got no more than 10hrs sleep over the 7 nights. You just simply can't recover that way can you!? Add the pain in etc, aghhhh forget about it.

Lost 4kg, which i shouldn't have much probs getting back. Also, a heads up for anyone else training for surgery, don't do anything to stresful aorund the area being operated. They said it was a bit of bother cutting my "letterbox" open. Which i can't help think was made difficult by all the yoga i did, right up til 2 days before the op.

Pain wise im on MST 60mg per day and oramorph when needed. Which i'll be tailing of asap whilst not having myself suffer

As hard as it was, i made it, and thats we do ;)

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@eyeofthetiger @mem @angepange @El Ivan @Rach @suzanne1957 @Bear Gst @OFJ @Lauren5429 @DianeS

THANKS! for all the replys. Great to have everyone on board when the chips are down.x

PS how good is it to have Glastonbury on all weekend!? Perfect distraction, i couldnt read or watch anything in there.


Glad to read it all went ok . Rest up and take it easy.

Best wishes



Sending hugs :x::x::x:


Great to here you are now at home @Sean. Ahhhh sleep ?. Smooth recovery wishes and I particularly liked Radiohead btw, used to love them!
Take lots of care :x::x:


Ah Glastonbury. The times I have tried to get tickets! I loved Chrissie Hynde and the Pretenders so much that I have booked to see them in October. :x::x:


Really pleased to hear you're not suffering any more @Sean and back in your own bed. It sounds like you had a complete nightmare you poor thing. Keep on enjoying Glastonbury :x::x::x:


All the best @Sean, hope you're catching up on all that lost sleep :)


@Sean Sending you lots of healing vibes. Keep that attitude going ! :x:

Mrs Rufus65

So pleased your back home @Sean & catching up with some much needed???Hugs :x::x::x:

Simba 1998

Hope u sleep better in your own bed @Sean . Hubby going in for his liver resection on Saturday so any advice would be appreciated.


Morning @Sean so pleased to hear you are back home, it's so nice to get into your own bed isn't it? The weather is cooler so hope you manage to catch up on some healing sleep. Well done for getting through the surgery. Diane :x::x::x:


hey @Simba 1998 my advice would be making sure your hubby is comfortable in the bed. So check what the weather is likley to be like - highly doubtful we wil get another heatwave like that for some time, but be prepared for it just incase. I got some really handy ice packs of amazon, which i put behind my back (which felt like a furnace at times) a small fan with a decent length lead. An extension socket (only had one 1 available socket!) Also be on the ball with pain meds, ask what they are likley to give him, just striking up these conversations beforehand with the right people will see you good.
Food! good organic fruits on the go, healthy snack bars (nakd) are a godsend. Plenty of water by his side etc.

Can imagine my thread here would have people slightly worried if they are about to go in for the same, but it really was down to me not being able to sleep - so please dont fear too much ok ;)
Is he due a two parter aswel? another thing to consider as i was kinda dealing with 2 recoveries in the one. I wish him all the best!

@DianeS yes! im a massive fan of my bed/room - ive everything set up here just the way i want it ;)

@mem Radiohead are incredible! have only really gotten into them properly the last few years. Loved Thom's message for T.May!

@Alwyn you like the new album? Love that women and her attitude to life

Thanks guys! Had my staples out today and the wounds are healing nicely ;)

Simba 1998

Ahh thanks so much for your advice @Sean . He is having it all in one go hopefully . Did they try and get u out of bed pretty soon or was it a slow process ? Hoping for speedy recovery for you . :x:


@Simba 1998 no bother at all! i had myself up and wondering about, a few hours after waking - most prob a mistake in hindsight. Just i was so eager to see how it felt. My back was seriously crouched, have only just started walking totally upright. The stomach will be in a fair bit of pain.
I didn't see any physio's whilst in, tho i def should of. So another thing for you to chase up whilst in ;) If theres been no mention of a two part - will be in one for sure.
They took between 50 & 60% of my liver.

Any mores q's, fire away.:x:

Simba 1998

How are you doing Sean ? Hope you are managing pain and resting up :x:


Hey @Simba 1998 im doing very well thanks, no pain really, am starting to wein myself of the mst's. Im eating and sleeping good. Even went to a gig Thursday night. Amazing really how far i came in a week. Tho im still very careful not to over do anything. Bonus is that my younger bro has extended his stay here. Great having him around.

Simba 1998

Ahh good , sounds like you are making good recovery . Hubbys surgery got cancelled on Saturday due to emergency in theatre . He was sitting in his surgical stockings and disposable undies all ready to go !!! Rescheduled for Thursday morning now . His younger brother has come home from South Africa to help out with kids etc , great having these little bros about . Keep on getting better and take it easy ... no dancing at these gigs yet ?:x:


@Simba 1998 oh man that is a bummer! Frustrating i bet. Ya know i signed up to a trial on stockings whilst doing pre-op. As their now thinking there pointless and dont make a difference ;-/ Another gig tmw ;)

Simba 1998

Well he defo looked a sight gowned , disposable undies and thigh high stockings ?