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Stage 4 bowel cancer


Liver Resection?

Hello, I've been reading the forums for a few weeks and have read various things about liver resections, does anyone know about this?
My wife is 43, has never smoked doesn't drink much and has always been reasonably fit. I took her to hospital in March with suspected appendicitis and she was eventually diagnosed with stage 4 bowel cancer with mets on her liver. She has had three cycles of 5fu with Irinotecan which hasn't worked so is about to start on 5fu with Oxaliplatin.
I have heard of people having a Liver Resection, which I think is basically the cancer being scraped off the liver, is this something that might be suitable and if so is there anything I can do to push for it?
Thanks everyone.


Hello @divingdavey, sorry that you have had to find this forum, but you will find it a huge source of support and information. Liver resection involves removing parts of the liver with the tumours along with a good margin of healthy tissue. Unfortunately it is not suitable in all cases, where for example a tumour is too close to a major blood vessel. There is a link below to a really helpful publication that will tell you both more. I would recommend that you and your wife should ask her oncologist about this as an option. You will almost certainly find that you do not have to 'push for it' providing the liver tumours are resectable as it it seems to be fairly standard procedure. Please also bear in mind that quite a few folk on here have been told that they are not suitable for surgery only to find that this changes after chemo. Take very good care, Kim x


Hello again @divingdave
Glad that @Liriodendron345 has given you such a helpful reply. What a shock for you both but I am pleased that the specialists have been so prompt with treatment. Take care!


Hi @divingdavey there's a lot of stage 4's had liver resection. My onc has actually had stage 4's with liver mets become disease free. Ask your / her onc is she eligible and for something that could make such a massive difference if possible, you might want a 2nd opinion if your team say it's not possible. Unless they're waiting for Chemo to shrink? Oxylaplatin will do some good stuff I've everything crossed! :x:


Thanks everyone for your replies.

I really hope it does HH so much.

I will ask her oncologist and specialist nurse.

Thanks again


Hi @divingdavey and welcome to the forum. I'm sorry about your wife's diagnosis and hope you are both managing to come to terms with the treatment. I've had a liver resection as well as other surgery (see me profile) it was a tricky op for the surgeon I believe but my recovery was very easy. Best of luck with the discussions. You could ask for a referral to a liver surgeon anyhow and get the ball rolling! ❤️????


Morning @divingdavey, sorry to hear about your wife's diagnosis. I hope she is doing ok? I was diagnosed in a August 2015 with liver mets and had a liver resection in 2015. It's not been easy but I am currently NED and feeling good. This site is a great source of information and advice so please ask if there is anything we can do to help.


Hello Ben, thanks for your reply. She's doing amazingly well considering everything she's going through but it's difficult to know what the base line is now. The chemotherapy has really knocked her around, she has little energy and basically feels crap most of the time. I'm so hoping this second chemotherapy combination does something.

I'm really pleased to read that you are doing so well! This site is indeed such a huge help.

Thanks again.


Good Evening @divingdavey, sorry that you have also had to join this forum, but you will have loads of help and assistance on here! By the way, if you wife does have Oxalyplatin be aware that she mustn't touch anything cold or even go into the fridge. I am sure that the Chemotherapy Team will advise you, but ask them just to make sure! I used to put hot water into my husbands cold drinks too! Where there is a will there is a way! My husband used to be really, really exhausted on Oxy but not everyone is affected in the same way! Very best wishes to you all, especially your wife and your family! :x::x::x:


Thanks @LynneW how long did the aversion to cold things last, a few days or was it longer term? :x::x:


It was for a few days each cycle, after the Oxaliplatin was administered, @divingdavey, but check again now because it was 7 years ago and things change! The time that my husband was having the chemo was August/ December 2010, the year we were gripped in the Arctic Freeze, -12 degrees in Cardiff at the time. That is our luck, ha, ha! My husband was dressed like an Eskimo even in the house! Best of luck, I hope the chemo shrinks the tumours and that they are easily removed! :x::x::x: