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Critical illness insurance

As if having cancer hasnt been stressful enough for the past 6 months life has also been a struggle financially i only get £88 a week ssp some tax credits for my step daughter and thats it. Ive still had mortgage to pay and bills.
I have critical illness cover but for 6 months they have been disputing it over the dates. I wasnt diagnosed while dec 16 but they were going back to sept when i had anaemia. Whih was only a week before we exchanged on the house. So they were arguing the policy wasnt in force at that time. Even though i signed it in july. Delays on the sellers side held up the exchange.
Anyway after 6 months of arguing with them and sinking deeper into debt they have finally approved tbe claim and have offered me a settlement figure which should clear the mortgage.
So thats a massive weight off and it turns out i also have income protection so will be putting in a claim for that too.
Tberes now no pressure to return to work full time as my job js a physically demanding one and i just dont have the strengh or fitness yet. Ive still another 3 chemo sessions to go.
I never gave up i pay £60 a month for the policy. Determination pays off :x::x:


Hi @gun-dog-lass It is so difficult to fight bureaucracy at the best of times so congratulations!


Hi @gun-dog-lass Great news, this must be a massive relief for you. Now relax and concentrate on getting through the last few cycles.


Well done @gun-dog-lass - I'm going through the process with two travel insurance providers at the moment - small beer compared to you but the principles are the same.

I used to work in insurance so I know how the 'system' works - keep calm, stay polite, stand your ground and don't let their little games put you off.



Cheers guys it is such a relief. I didnget a little peeved off with them i had stayed polite up until the last email i sent after they had ignored me for over a month. Coz they then came back wanting my family history of 2 cousins that had breast cancer the youngest been 14 years old. I was so annoyed and in fact in rung and spoke to the senior claims advisor demanding to know how that was relevent to my claim and case of bowel cancer. They must have seen it on my records with oncology when we went through family history of cancer in general.
We will be in a better position next year so im hoping for a nice holiday somewere i never even thought of travel insurance issues @Delboy :x::x:

Bear G

So glad this has been sorted @gun-dog-lass I also had critical illness cover and managed to get a full payout, that covered my mortgage and a bit more and really took the financial pressure off me.
These policies are definitely worth it but it's so important to get everything right at the set up stage as you've demonstrated.
Well done, and relax ?


@gun-dog-lass , I'm so pleased that's sorted for you , but so shocking it's taken all this time and been such a stress for you- it's totally unacceptable!!!
I was also lucky enough that my critical illness insurance paid out and it is such a relief . I have to say my insurers were great and only took 3 months .
If you think you have the strength for it I would definitely make a complaint about their delays and pointless questions - you never know you might get some compensation ! :x:


Thats not a bad idea @AliceB it has caused loads of stress and upset. I think they thought i would just give up and not bother but my house was at stake. Which i only bought in sept last year. :x::x:

Beck R

@gun-dog-lass, having just been on another thread re PIP have you applied for that as could give you a bit extra cash per month?

Beck R

We are currently going through the process of claiming the life cover to try and pay off most of our mortgage. They need my consultant to state that I " only" have 12 months. I'm hoping that as the hospital sent off the ds1500 form for pip that is six months there won't be any major issues. Although it's all very depressing getting these forms filled in and having conversations about your life expectancy with random people on the telephone....

Polly 1

Hi @gun-dog-lass like @Beck R I was just going to mention PIP as well - have you tried that? It's not means tested/dosnt matter what income you have

Well done on winning your battle with the insurance company :x: