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Radiotherapy after op

I'm just posting this to see if anyone can advise.

My brother recently had his hip replacement op, which seems to have been successful and he was out of hospital in 4 days. He is now recovering so well at home that his onc team are going to start his next lot of chemo next week. It's cap + oxy, which he has been on before, so he is prepared for that.

However, at the same time while having the chemo he is also due to have radiotherapy on the hip area too, to get rid of any stray cells at the top of the femur, where it meets the newly replaced hip. He's been told it is fine to have this done while on chemo, but what he and his wife want to know is how long after his hip op would he have to wait before having the course of radiotherapy?

The reason is that they were due to go on holiday to Cornwall for a week last month, but had to cancel it as he needed to have his hip op done. (Luckily they managed to re-let the holiday cottage they'd booked!). So now they are trying to re-book this but are not sure when he could go away for a week. Obviously when he's on chemo he can do that but he's not been told how long it will be till his radiotherapy starts, so I wondered if anyone has any idea how long after the op they would normally do this?

Lady GT

Hi @CD1966 , it's great to hear that your brother is making such superb progress after his op.
I'm not sure I can answer your question about the hip radiotherapy though, I've only ever heard of radiotherapy being given at the same time as the chemo.
Is there somebody you could call from your team, to ask when radiotherapy is planned? It would be good to have some idea, so that they can get their holiday plans sorted.



Thanks @Lady GT - they've tried to contact his team but this part of the team are quite tricky to get hold of, apparently! He will be on radiotherapy at the same time as on the chemo, but while they can start the chemo next week, he is not sure when they can start the radiotherapy, bearing in mind it will be done in the same area as the op. I'm guessing it might vary from patient to patient, but I don't know!

Charlotte Nurse Advisor

Dear @CD1966,

Unfortunately it is difficult for me to say exactly when the radiotherapy would start - that is a decision for your brother's team. However, it is likely that they would want to wait for any wounds to heal to prevent any breakdown of the skin.

If your brother can't get hold of the team between now and next week he can certainly check with them when he goes in to start his chemo and once they have confirmed the start date of the radiotherapy he can go ahead and book his holiday.

With kind regards,