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Lady GT

A little further forward

So, it feels like we are creeping a little further forward ...
We picked up Lord GT's latest scan report today - 7 months post surgery and 3 months after adjuvant chemo was interrupted by a DVT.
Of course, we still have to meet with oncology to discuss it BUT there is no evidence of disease at the original tumour site, in the liver, throughout the pelvis or in the lymph nodes.
Of the two suspicious dots that were found in his lung 3 months ago, one is completely resolved, the other is unchanged.

This feels like jolly good news after the past 15 months! :)


Delighted for you both @Lady GT :x::x::x:


Very pleased for you both. xxx ?


Great news @Lady GT. Bob :x:


Fab news @Lady GT :) :x::x::x:

Lady GT

And today, Lord GT was signed off from oncology!
Feeling relieved, elated and a bit tearful to be honest ...


Oh my @Lady GT what wonderful news.:x::x:


@Lady GT that is wonderful news :x::x:


So, so pleased for you both @Lady GT
You won't know what to do with yourselves for a while, until it has sunk in properly. After living on a knife edge for so long, it will seem very odd so don't be surprised if his lordship feels a bit abandoned and adrift at first. :x::x:

springer michelle

Well done, and things will probably hit you more now, it did me. Take care of yourselves and celebrate :x:


That is great news. The white dot could be scarring so I would not worry about it.


Fantastic news @Lady GT. So pleased for you both :x:


Oh wow, @Lady GT - such lovely news. Time for you and his Lordship to spend some time relaxing and treating yourselves!


So so good to read this fab news @Lady GT - you're amazing and have helped us all as well as his Lordship. Such good news :x::x:


I'm so happy for you @Lady GT and his Lordship. What an amazing feeling it must be. You have come through a lot with ups and downs but how amazing is it that he has been signed off. Now to live that new normal life, enjoy to the full. Massive hugs to you both Diane :x::x::x::x:


@Lady GT really good news. Sorry to have missed this -- we have been away up with father in law. It's been good away from the computer but missed everyone :x::x:


@Lady GT I seem to have missed this too! Wonderful news for you both! ????❤️


Brilliant news to hear, well done. :x::x:


great news @Lady GT must be a great feeling to know things are going in the right direction. Really pleased for you both.???❤️


Hi @Lady GT just read your latest news and I'm really pleased for you and Lord GT. So brilliant - I can only hope we reach the same point as you guys. :x::x::x: