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SCOTTY study recruiting patients under 40

Hi all,

I have just spoken to the lovely coordinator for the SCOTTY whole genome study. They are looking to recruit young bowel cancer patients (under 40) with no family history and no identifiable generic fault (i.e. Lynch/FAP). I think this study is incredibly important in helping uncover why young people are getting bowel cancer, to help future generations, and they also give you any relevant genetic information they may uncover, if you wish to know.

Here's their aim:
The SCOTTY Study is a major initiative to conduct “next generation sequencing” of the whole genome of young colon cancer patients and both parents where there is no evidence of cancer running in the family. This will, in the long term, help us to develop new treatments and predict who will be susceptible to cancer and so be able to prevent disease progression.


You can call for a chat if you interested and want to know more 0131 651 8602 or email scotty.study@ed.ac.Uk


Bear G

Recruitment for studies needs to go through the Beating Bowel Cancer office. I've locked this thread until that's been done
Flagging @Sarah-support and information, @RosemaryA and @Charlotte Nurse Advisor

Bear G

Just heard back and this is now approved and unlocked.
Thanks for your patience.


I've joined this study already :) It would be amazing if they can find some answers :x:


Very interesting thanks @pollypops .:x: