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Beating Bowel Cancer Community

Bowel cancer treatment and side effects

Andrew Watson

Minor side effects two years later

Hi everyone,
I had stage three BC just over two years ago and an op and chemo to remove it all.
Over the last two weeks or so I've noticed my peripheral neuropathy creeping back which I had during my treatment, along with a real lack of energy and desire to do anything, it feels a little like fatigue again.

I didn't think side effects would go away for a year or so then come back, but has anyone had this happen? It could be a host of other things i.e. the hot weather, young son keeping me on my toes, but I'm just finding fine motor skills quite painful at times mixed with lack of energy.

Has anyone had their side effects come back after a period of quietness?



Hi @Andrew Watson sorry for the delay in replying. It's not something I can advise on, but I'm sure others will be able to empathise with you. And yes, little people do keep you on your toes don't they?! :x::x:


@Andrew Watson Yes, I have, and it's five years since I had my right hemi. We underestimate the toll our treatment pathway and life in general takes on us. My best advice is to go with the flow and pace yourself. I've found it's the only helpful way forward for me personally. Fastening shirt buttons is problematic for me from time to time. I could give other examples, but you get my drift? Mention it to your GP, too, just so it's on your record. I was recommended to try acupuncture; I did, but it didn't work for me so I just learned new ways to do fiddly things! Hope someone else's story helps. Hugs, B :x:


Morning @Andrew Watson same for me I'm afraid and I'm 2 years down the line. I'm not sure my neuropathy will go. Still have it in my fingertips and balls of my feet. Can be frustrating at times but think it's part of daily life now. I feel fatigued on and off, but the worst thing for me is joint pain which seems to travel, so I see my chirp at least once a month. On a positive note, I'm still here and hopefully cancer free, my scan is next week. I don't suppose we can go through such invasive treatment without some effects to our precious bodies. Diane :x::x::x:

Andrew Watson

Morning everyone,
Sorry, I was meaning to respond as I'd called the nurses the other day.
They think it probably is the PN playing up, but it could be down to the fact I'm now cycling to work and then buzz from the road. I did have carpal tunel a few years ago when Iw as cycling lots so thar part makes sense. As for fine motor things like screwing and DIY, I think that's just a grin and bear it. As you said @DianeS, and as I always say, I'd rather a little pain here and there and I'm just glad to be alive! They also thought the fatigue could be down to change in muscle usage which again make sence. I've been a little better the last two weeks thankfully and not as tired this weekend, Sunday was usually my day of sleeping but managed a good day yesterday.
Thanks for all your comments.