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CT scan and wait for results

Hello my husband has his "one year on" CT abdomen scan on July 3rd and an appointment with his colorectal nurse on July 27th. Does this mean that we will have to wait until July 27th for the results or are we able to request early???


Hi @Cardiffgirl
The nurse appointment will be to discuss the CT scan results, so you could ask for results sooner. But.... at my nurse appointment last year, the CT scan results weren't available. Very frustrating! As you will have realised by now, you might as well phone up and see where that gets you, but resign yourselves to being patient. If it is any consolation, I assume a poor result would result in an earlier discussion.

Best wishes for a great result.

Charlotte Nurse Advisor

Dear @Cardiffgirl,

Thank you @Lizalou for your reply.

It does seem quite a long wait to get the results of the scan - but it might be that the nurse will call with the results when they are available rather than wait for his appointment. Sometimes follow-up appointments (where results of investigations are to be given) are booked a little way ahead to ensure the necessary results are available. There's nothing more frustrating for both patients and healthcare professionals then for somebody to come to clinic to be told the results aren't available.

In my practice I used to make the follow-up appointment a little way off but would frequently ring the patient ahead of this once the results were through and as Lizalou says in the event of a problem being shown on the CT I'm sure they will communicate this quickly.

With kindest regards,



Thank you both for your responses. I think the best thing I can do is to try not to think about it. I wish I had a CT scanner at home to scan him every day.