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Waiting time for a none urgent colonocsopy

My Dr has referred me for a none urgent colonocsopy, I was just curious as to roughly how long I can expect to wait for this?
I realise no one can give me an exact date but just curious as to roughly how long I can expect to wait?

Many thanks



Hi @Chris_N

I waited 10 weeks, obviously it will vary depending on how busy the department is. With hindsight, I could have insisted on an urgent 2 week scan as my situation fell within the appropriate category, but I don't suppose the outcome would have been any different, as bowel tumours tend to be slow growing.

So, knowing you have done your bit and an appointment date is on its way, try to put it to the back of your mind for a few weeks.

Best wishes

Charlotte Nurse Advisor

Dear @Chris_N,

Waiting times for non-urgent referrals can vary from unit to unit as @Lizalou has said. A very rough guide is approximately 8-10 weeks but don't be surprised if you receive an earlier appointment.

It may be useful (if you are prepared to do this) to inform the endoscopy unit that you are happy to be short-called. That way if they have a cancellation and there is sufficient time for you to take your bowel prep you could be slotted in more quickly.

With kind regards,