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Reunited - a bit of good news for once.

Since my original Stage 4 diagnosis and more recently running out of treatment options, my major worry has been the effect my death will have on family and in particular my wife Gail. I have always been extremely lucky having had the support of an extremely close family, both siblings and extended family and I know that they will always be there for Gail in the future. However Gail’s childhood was spent in care and she never experienced that close family bond as she grew up. She always knew she she had a brother out there somewhere and always longed to find him.

Gail’s father died in 1962, whilst in the RN serving on a submarine and docked in India. Gail was 4 years old and her mother was 6 months pregnant at the time. Gail’s brother was born with a hole in the heart and spent his first months in hospital. They were both put into care and were fostered together for just over a year, before they had to change foster parents. Unfortunately they were separated at this time and Mark’s new foster parents eventually adopted him, whilst Gail continued in foster care and children’s homes. Once old enough, both tried to find each other many times, but old adoption laws, amongst other things made this very difficult.
However we were given renewed hope of finding Mark just before we flew to Cyprus last Christmas and, whilst there, we finally found his adopted name and a current photo of him. Amazingly a search on Facebook found this to be his profile photo and his posts confirmed that he was still actively searching for his sister. We immediately messaged him and they were talking on the phone within half an hour. On New Year’s Day, soon after our return to the UK, Mark came to stay, with Gail meeting him as he got out of his car and leading him indoors by the hand, almost like she was still the 6 year old and he little brother, just as they were when they last saw each other over 52 years ago. Since then they have spoken or whatsapped daily and last month he came to Cyprus with us, giving them the ideal time to get to know each other after all the years apart. Last week we celebrated his 55th Birthday with him.

Whilst he lives 100 miles away, I know from the time we have spent together over the past months and seeing how their relationship has built so quickly, Mark will always be there for Gail in the future.

Sorry about the long post, but I couldn’t condense it any more.


That must be a great comfort to you @Bob. Really lovely to read that they have been reunite and that they get on so well. Love Swan :x::x:


@Bob this is great news that Gail is reunited with her brother. ☺️ family is so special.


Oh @Bob this is wonderful! After all that time I can't imagine the elation they both must of felt on finally finding each other again. It was clearly meant to be. And It is quite clear, that it has also provided you with a priceless comfort, knowing he will always be there for Gail.
A warm and heartfelt story and thankyou for sharing it with us ? :x::x:


@Bob This is such a heartwarming account Bob and I can see why it has brought so much positivity and love into a very difficult time for you. How wonderful that you have been able to witness this and for Mark to get to know you, the love of Gail's life, too. Thanks for sharing such a precious story. I expect all this will sustain and encourage you and help you all to make the most of your time together. Hugs, b :x:


@Bob I was so moved to read your story. Comfort and positivity can be so hard to find in this situation but this is just great news for Gail for her brother and for you - I am sure it gives you great peace to know that Gail has someone there for her. May you have many happy family times together. :x::x::x:


What a lovely story @Bob, very moving. I can understand how much comfort you get from knowing that Gail will have real family there for her. Love to you all :x::x:


@Bob such a lovely heartwarming story. It's like something out of Long Lost Family - which always makes me cry. Sending love to you & Gail :x::x::x:


Your story was very touching and must be a comfort for you to know that Gail has found her brother @Bob thank you for sharing. Enjoy every day together. I thought of long lost family too, cry every time :x::x:

lynn collier

Hi bob such a brave man you are it's so lovely to hear this story that yr wife has this added support as we are in the situation barry worries about me on my own I must admit I get scared as we been together 43 years but I will have my girls it's so nice ur lovely story it made me so emotional love to you all lynn :x::x:


What an absolutely lovely story @Bob.


What a lovely story @Bob very emotional, so lovely Gail now has her brother for support , that must comfort you so much!

Love to you both :x::x:


@Bob, this is a fateful blessing. Thanks for letting us know. Love to you all.:x::x:


That's a lovely story @Bob, I think that it was meant to be. How lovely for Gail to have her brother back in her life. Lovely for you both :x::x::x::x:


I loved hearing this beautiful story, @Bob, I'm so happy that Gail's reunion with her brother Mark, after so many years has gone so well. I know this will give you great comfort, knowing she will have family looking out for her. Thank you for sharing. Hugs :x:


This is a lovely story @Bob and thank you for sharing it with us all. Sending you all my love and very best wishes ❤️????


That is a very good story @Bob.


So pleased for you both @Bob, thank you for sharing with us all. :x::x:


Really pleased @Bob. :x::x::x:


That's so beautiful @Bob and you must feel very happy that Gail and Mark have now found each other. So happy for you all and thank you for sharing this with us. Love to you all Diane :x::x::x::x:


What a lovely and 'big' story for you all, @Bob, deserving of every word you gave it.