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Just wondering.... how many times a day on average do you empty your ileostomy bag? As soon as I eat anything my stoma kicks off! ...I know bananas, marshmallow etc are suppose to slow it down, tried all of these but nothing doing, the little madam has a mind of her own!!! :D

springer michelle

Not got one now but I used to empty as soon asthere was something in the bag so a few each day.


Hi @Angelina, I wear quite small bags *I think there calked midi, its quite like me to have misheard and there actualy minis ?* I find custard and rice pudding helps to thicken mine, have you ever had bananas and custard? I make it and put it in the fridge for an hour its delish ? sort of a "Big guns" thickener ? I tend to get a lot of wind and often walk around like a Sigourney Weaver look alike!! How no-one has ever wrestled me to the ground before is beyond me ? I think i empty mine about 3/4 times a day, sometimes its a waterfall and pours out giving me just enough time to aim and makes me think i really should invest in a wetsuit incase of splashback *Sorry* and othertimes its so thick its like squeezing a tube of toothpaste when its right near the end to get it out *Omg, note to self! Never get these two mixed up* ........ I havent really been much help but i suppose there all just unpredictable, mine definitely can be a diva but she saved my life so shes forgiven xx
ps. The picture below ..... why i never eat beans ? xx


You should have seen mine 7 am :)

springer michelle

Remember it well haha :x:


Ha ha.... that's how mine looks after a lager! Think I must have a sassy stoma!? I empty my bag at least 10 times a day! and I use a large size one! I only have to eat an olive and off she goes! and coffee well that's another level.


Hi @Angelina
I had my ileostomy reversal 6 months ago but agree that the unpredictability is infuriating. Emptying output is fair enough but the ballooning really annoyed me. I found certain aspects of the FODMAP diet worked really well....for example orange juice was fine, but grapefruit juice caused instant ballooning. Other disasters were apples and onions among many other things. So it might be worth googling fodmap diet and also keeping a food diary to see if you can make any links. Don't forget that shop bought ready meals and sauces often contain all sorts if random ingredients and (sadly!) it is often easier to cook from scratch with very basic ingredients.

Good luck!