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Secondary in lungs.... Coughing up bloody mucus is this normal?!

Hi everyone!
I've stage 4 bowel cancer secondary in lungs and liver. Have reached the end of the road with treatment (29 chemo sessions and not working on slowing growth anymore)

My concern is this, I've had a silly cough since Christmas and have managed to fracture my ribs from coughing.

I am now coughing up bloody mucus - given the level of broken that I know I am, should I be concerned about this and calling for help?

Many thanks in advance

Bear G

Hi Jackie @Cornish
Sorry to hear your news about your chemo not working.
The pressing matter is your current symptom. I'm no doctor and the charity's nurses aren't on duty at this time, but I'd advise calling any out of hours numbers you have straight away.
I'm sure it's nothing to worry about but in these circumstances it's better to play safe.
If you can't get an answer from your out of hours numbers then please call 111 and clearly explain your cancer diagnosis, your chemo and the bloody mucous.
Please let us know how you get on.
Big hugs


@Cornish Welcome to the Forum; congrats on making your first post! Sorry to hear of your diagnosis. However, you're in the right place for support and help. Any change like this needs to be properly investigated and managed. How long has it been going on for? I'm wondering if you have a clinical nurse specialist attached to you case. They will certainly need to know. My advice, like @Bear Gst is yes, call for help. Your mind won't settle until you know the true cause; and there can be lots of reasons! Please keep in touch as your cancer expereince unfolds. We have a thread for Stage 4 folk like yourself. Maybe you would like to post on that section once you've got this current situation under control. Hugs, B x


Huge thanks for the replys I shall contact my paleative care team tomorrow. Best wishes to you all :x:

springer michelle

Welcome here, please check with your team, take care :x::x:


Welcome @Cornish check with your team, to put your mind at rest, there's lots of reasons :x::x:


@Cornish. I agree with the others that have already commented - you must get this checked out .... if not for any other reason but to put your mind at rest. Tiffany :x:


Hi @Cornish and a very warm welcome to the forum! I'm so sorry to learn of your current health concerns and hope you get some help today. Let us know how you get on. Im sure you will find the forum useful, friendly and supportive. Sending you lots of love and hope ❤️????


@Cornish Any news? Hope you're getting the help and support you need. Hugs, B :x:


Hi everyone! I'm bowled over by your support huge thanks :x::x:
So I saw my gp yesterday (under advice from my paleative nurse) who bless her said she was very concerned about the coughing of blood but she wanted to gain advice on how to proceed from the oncologist. I am going to call the surgery tomorrow and hopefully she will have an update for me. Best wishes to you all :x::x: