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Moving house - is it a bad idea?

We were planning to move from London to Shropshire the same month I was diagnosed so we put the move on hold for 6 months whilst tests/scans/chemoradiation were in progress. I should be having surgery in June in London but life would be easier for everyone if we were in Shropshire (more family and friends around, less travelling and stress all round). We've just finished renovating the new house so the moving date is flexible and it does mean we can sell the old house to ease financial worries.

Assuming my London team are in agreement with this, I want to know what the potential difficulties might be and how do I go about ticking all the boxes with minimal delay to surgery and further treatment. I will need to change GP and hospital.

How can I reassure myself that the care from the new NHS trust will be no worse?

I would appreciate any advice you can give - particularly any potential pitfalls and how to avoid them.

Thank you


Hi @Seashells. No I'm 2 hrs away from Christies but not had any issues. Just linked in with my own GP and district nursing team. I can understand re building those relationships with the Shropshire team. Is there a chance you can start building that network now and get the relevant links in with the stoma and oncology team so you can start to feel comfortable about the right timing of the move. Just a logical thought really. :x:


Thanks @Bridget55 I also need to change my GP and I've no doubt the new one will be able to provide a lot of information about follow up etc. I'm just terrified that if I leave my current GP I might slip through the cracks with no-one to turn to. Pathetic eh? :x::x::x:


Hi @Seashells. I moved from London to Kent during my treatment. Its just under 2 hours from home to my my old hospital in London so I have kept recieving cancer services from them (my choice, because they are a big hospital with more experience and more specialist resources), but have recieved community nursing and stoma nursing locally. It has worked pretty much seamlessly for me.

You will probably be too far away to want to stay with your London hospital long term, but having your operation there and transferring should not be a problem in terms of the service you recieve. It would probably mean you need to go to london for your post surgery check ups. I have these every 4 months or so but my operation was major as I am stage 4.

Perhaps you should contact the hospital in Shropshire and find out how quickly they could operate on you to help you make a decision?


Hi @Seashells can understand your concerns. To alleviate it may be worth making some connections with the new team. Good luck. Keep us posted 're how you get on. :x:


@Seashells , I registered with my new one once I'd moved. He received the letter from our old oncologist within days once I'd let the old team know all the details. :x::x:


@Seashells - I live in Shropshire close to Ludlow. I had surgery last year and had a wonderful team at Shrewsbury, also the stoma care team at Telford. It's a bit of a hike (about 1hr 20 to Telford). My surgeon based at Shrewsbury did a fantastic job by keyhole and managed to rejoin so in the end I didn't need a stoma. It seems however that most local surgeries don't have stroma care nurses and all the support has to come from Telford....
My life is so much more relaxed since I moved here to this fabulous county - don't wait any longer!!!


@HilaryB - you have no idea how much reassurance you've given me with your reply. I will be treated at the same hospitals and it was feeling like a very big step into the unknown. I'm fairly sure it is the right thing to do but terrified of letting go of the "comfort blanket" of a team I'm familiar with. I'll speak with my surgeon tomorrow and hope he will have the results of my latest MRI (liver). The only other worry I have is of a significant delay to surgery which is currently pencilled in for the week after next with my current team. I think it is a big ask to hope Shrewsbury will be able to operate that soon. Hopefully they are not too busy.
@Daffodil - thank you, that does help. With current technology there should be no reason for a delay in transferring my entire file but I'll be happier once I know the deed is done.
@Bridget55 - That is a good idea, as soon as my team have spoken to them and confirmed it is feasible, I will be making a few calls.
@ruthy - It is very reassuring everyone's experiences of moving have been seamless.

Thank you all for your responses and encouragement - it is incredibly helpful to be able to share my concerns with people who understand.

Love and big hugs to all - the sun is shining and it is Bank Holiday weekend, that has to be a good sign!

Polly 1

Hi @Seashells another thumbs up for Shropshire from here as well. I am a proud Salopian and hubby moved here to the best county to marry me 30 years ago!

Hubby had his original keyhole bowel surgery and follow up chemo at Shrewsbury and he has been looked after very well. He had his lung surgery at Stoke and liver surgery at Birmingham.


Thanks @Polly 1 - I spoke to my team today and they are investigating the possibility of a move for me.
However, (and it is a big however) my latest MRI showed the cancer has spread to my liver. I'm scheduled to have surgery to remove my rectal tumour on the 8th June. They'll then look at liver resection and chemo (not necessarily in that order).
It is now 6 months since my diagnosis. The only treatment I've had is 6 weeks chemo-radiation through February and I've been waiting patiently since then - the liver metastases wasn't there 6 weeks ago so my head is not in a great place just now. I desperately want to get something done asap. So I guess a move, pre-surgery may no longer be a good idea if it causes even more delays and allows more spread.

Charlotte Nurse Advisor

Dear @Seashells,

I see that you have had several very good replies from others on the forum and apologies for my absence from the forum whilst on leave.
The results from your MRI scan have obviously had an impact on your decision re: moving and whilst I do take on board the importance of having your support network nearby you do now have a date for surgery next week and it is unlikely that Shrewsbury could match that as they would certainly want to review your scans (and some units prefer to do their own scans) at their MDT and then you would need an appointment with the surgeon before the op.
There could well be the option of transferring your care during your post-op recovery before starting chemo as this would be a natural 'break' in your treatment whilst you were recovering.

If you do proceed with surgery on the 8th I do wish you all the very best with your operation and wishes for a speedy recovery.

With kindest regards,



Thanks @Charlotte Nurse Advisor
That is pretty much the conclusion we came to after investigating all the options. Moving pre-surgery would have incurred at least 3 weeks delay and I don't think I could cope with more waiting.

Thank you all for your responses, it is truly helpful to hear that other people have moved successfully and I will be doing so myself just as soon as I am fit to travel again. :x:


@Seashells , I'm really sorry to hear of the news of your latest scan results , your head must be all over the place .
I just wanted to add my two cents on the moving house scenario .
I was first diagnosed in Dec 2014 , I had my first op in Jan 2015 , we moved house whilst I was in hospital !!
We moved from London to Sussex . I was told by my London hospital that I could move my care or keep it as it was . So I chose to keep my care in London .
I still remain being treated in London , at times the travel can be tiring and my recent 5 weeks of radiotherapy was a challenge .
But my local GP supports my decision and there has never been an issue with the involvement of district nurses , it's all always worked brilliantly .
Wishing you all the best :x:


Thanks @AliceB ,
I will be having my op on Thursday in London. I have considered keeping follow up care in London but think the 3 hour drive will be too much. However, since we've already been in touch with the Shropshire team, a transfer as soon as I'm fit to travel again may be the best option.

If the next stage of treatment involves chemo then I'm pretty sure I'll want to be close to my new home. I just need to arrange the GP switch to minimise any problems. I think a call to the new GP Practice Manager is in order.


Just thought I'd update you on progress. I had what turned out to be an anterior resection with a (hopefully temporary) ileostomy on the 8th and am recovering well. I was discharged 8 days after surgery. My clips were removed 3 days later and my surgeon is happy with the histology results. There is still a long road ahead and I'm looking forward to meeting my new team in the next few weeks. Thank you all for your responses which really helped me to reach what I'm sure was the right decision.


Great to hear from you @Seashells and glad your surgery is over and done with for now. So now you will be moving your treatment to Shropshire while you have a gap in your treatment for recuperation? Hope the move goes well and that you enjoy the support of close family and a new more rural way of life.
Best wishes :x:


Thanks @Lizalou We had already moved all but a suitcase of clothes so as soon as my old team were happy and I felt fit to travel we escaped to green fields and fresh air. As you say, there is a gap in treatment while I heal which also allows my new team to get my files and plan my next treatment. I'm much more relaxed now the moving stress is gone which has to be good for recovery.

springer michelle

Brilliant news, op all done, recovering well,keep it up. And moving to the beautiful countryside is the best bit, enjoy everything you gave :x:

Charlotte Nurse Advisor

Dear @Seashells,

So glad to hear that both your operation and the move have gone well. All the best for a speedy recovery and a smooth transition to your new team!

best wishes,