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Stage 4 bowel cancer


Finished cycle 17!

So that's another cycle finished and am feeling pretty damned good!! The mahoosive lump in abdo has visibly shrunk a lot (and I'm hoping what remains is scarring). Scans on Friday then off to Spain for first overseas holiday since diagnosis September 15. Hopefully scans will reveal massive shrinkage again - maybe even NED??? And I can have a good long break!!!! Although I was gutted to hear that they're no longer considering surgery or ablation (for the time being) due to extent of spread, I'm also a little relieved to have a 'proper' break without teeing up for more hospital stays ?. Looking forward to enjoying a brilliant Summer with my gorgeous boys then finally getting on with house extensions in September. ?.
Never imagined I'd say this again but life is good and, actually, I'm pretty darned amazing!!! Hugs to all - especially stage 4 newbies - there is light at the end of the diagnosis tunnel!! ?????? XX.


@Jaynesr, what lovely news! Well done getting through 17 cycles! Hope you have a fabulous trip to Spain. Good luck with your scan. Big hugs :x::x::x:


@Jaynesr 17 cycles, you've rocked this. You are amazing bird :x::x::x:


Oh wow! Fantastic news @Jaynesr Have an amazing chemo free holiday and get those running shoes looked out! ????❤️


@Jaynesr sounds like you deserve a lovely break...your positivity is fabulous keep strong and enjoy :x:


This post has cheered me up no end. Go you @Jaynesr !


love to hear your update @Jaynesr brilliant news and enjoy your holiday


So the scans are back and the chemo has kicked it all into touch again so it's 3 months off then rescan August 30th. We talked about surgery but the team feel that with with 3 sites of spread (peritoneum, liver and lungs) surgery would do more harm than good. But I am mindful of the fact that 21 months ago it was looking likely that I wouldn't reach 18 months and now look! I feel absolutely great and fit as a fiddle so I'm running with this; training for pretty muddy in September and hoping for a looooooooong period without regrowth! ?????


I love this @Jaynesr well done you xxx sometimes it does just go!!! You can be a little special stat! Why not, someone has to! :x:


Yay @Jaynesr really pleased for you. I hope you have a wonderful break with your family .I'm back to chemo on 22nd after a year break so long periods without growth are possible. Onwards lovely lady??


Just read this update @Jaynesr and wanted to say all power to you - what inspirational stuff! Got everything crossed for your next scan and so pleased you can have a little break from the chemo. Perhaps your team will start thinking about the potential for ablation or cyberknife or some of these other pseudo-surgical treatments to deal with any little buggers?


Hey there @Jaynesr, what amazing news! Well done on the great chemo response :)
Enjoy your three months off.
I'm so happy that you are feeling great and fit and training for pretty muddy in september- that sounds really fun and what a fun goal!
Sending you loads of love and big hugs ?

Beck R

Fabulous news

Bear G

Fantastic news @Jaynesr so pleased for you - you and your chemo are an amazing team!!
Just shows that these estimates from the docs are just that, estimates. We can exceed them!
Big hugs

El Ivan

Brilliant to read your update @Jaynesr and long may it continue indeed ? :x:


Great news @Jaynesr it's so nice to have a break, enjoy got to make the most of it, amazing lady kicking cancer every step of the way.
Best wishes
Kim :x::x:


@Jaynesr absolutely brilliant news. 17 cycles! I've struggled with 7. Enjoy every minute of your 3 mths off :x::x::x:


?❤️@Jaynesr :x::x::x::x::x::x::x::x::x:


Well done @Jaynesr !! So pleased you are having a much needed chemo break! :x::x::x:


@Jaynesr - Brilliant news. Have a wonderful holiday and enjoy your chemo break. Hugs Maggie :x::x: