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Stage 4 bowel cancer

Bear G

Zap Time! Update 😃

Well it had to happen eventually. After 4 years, I have the first significant recurrence of the cancer.

Well, recurrence may be the wrong word. One of the dots that was left on my lung has grown in the last few months. It's not large, only 1cm, but needs dealing with.

So, I'll be going into hospital for Radio Frequency Ablation on 24 May.

For those of you who believe in fate that's exactly 4 years to the day since my diagnosis. It's also maintaining my 'every other May' trend!
May 2013 – cancer diagnosis
May 2015 – hit by flying Porsche
May 2017 – cancer recurrence.
Next year I'll be bulletproof!!

My oncologist reassures me that this is a small procedure and the I'll be in hospital for only 1 or 2 nights. I'd be really keen to hear of any experience the forum has with lung ablation and if there are any tips that can help.

Big hugs

lynn collier

Hope yr okay bear :x::x:


Good news @Bear G look after yourself :x::x::x:


@Bear G Thanks for sharing the experience. Take it easy and good luck for scan in July. Bridget :x:


Hoping all is ok :x::x:


Glad it went well @Bear G :x::x::x:


@Bear G, I'm so happy to read that your procedure went well and that you are on the road to recovery. Get well soon. Well done :x::x::x:


Just great to hear you on such terrific form after the ablation @Bear G !

Purple kangaroo

Really pleased to hear your updated @Bear G I hope your recovery continues to be plain sailing :x::x:


Glad it went well @Bear G :)


Oh my goodness, Steve!
I went through waves of different emotions just then!
Shocked, on first reading your OP. Then desperately, scrolling backwards speed reading past responses. RELIEF! To read that you'd posted so soon after an op. ELATED! That you'd turned it into a mere blip !
I need to go and lie down now.
Stay well, @Bear G
Just me,

Bear G

Thank you Dan
I still can't get used to your new nickname @Dan-888 !!


That is Something! Is this a new method of treatment? Glad to hear you're doing well @Bear G


Hope recovery is going well @Bear G ?

Bear G

Alls great thanks @Jorton , in fact I'm aiming to get back to the gym on Monday! All smiles here 🤓


That's great news. 👍🏼


Hope you're still doing well ~ apologies I have not been on the forum to keep up with the news.

Quote from @Bear G:
Thank you Dan
I still can't get used to your new nickname @Dan-888 !!

Ok, I'll think of something close to my original Dan-88 but to remove the confusion with birth years!
For those who have met me, admittedly "Bashful" is not the first that springs to mind ... < err humm!!! >

Bear G

Thanks @Dan-888

springer michelle

Go with @crazy dan xx i like that


I've been warned about women like you leading innocents like me astray, @springer michelle ...

springer michelle

What! I'm innocent lol :x: