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Genetic testing

I am five months post op and had a check up at the hospital Thursday. They are suggesting i have genetic testing as i am considered young to have had bowel cancer! I am 52 so this is a compliment! I have no family history of any cancer. Just wondered if this was normal? Or if it is still possible that it is genetic?


Yes it's quite normal @Sandy64! NICE updated guidelines state that everyone's tumour should be tested, however my husbands hospital tests everyone under the age of 55. He was 50 when diagnosed with Stage 3 Bowel Cancer and we've just finished with the Genetic Counsellor. It takes a long time (Months) for the tests to be completed but we felt it was important to know as we have two children :x: :x:


@Smiley2 thanks for that! Yes i am doing it as I have two children. I assume it is blood tests? I know they take tissue from the removed section of the bowel. It is certainly a roller coaster waiting for results of all these things!


They test the tumour first of all @Sandy64. This part can take at least a couple of months for the results. If the tumour shows any hint of genetic mutation, the Genetic Counsellor will ask you if you would like to go ahead with a blood test which will look at your DNA in great detail. The blood test results take about six weeks.


Im 34 and have opted for the genetic test that was offered, ive filled in the family history forms and have had a letter inviting me for an appointment :x::x:


That's great @gun-dog-lass. I forgot about the family tree and forms! The Genetic Counsellor will guide you through everything :x: :x:

Charlotte Nurse Advisor

Thank you @Smiley2 for your response.

Hopefully that's fully answered your question @Sandy64 Smiley2 is very knowledgeable on this subject!

Kindest regards,



Thank you very much!


I have to have genetic testing too as I don't fall in the age bracket and am considered too young to have it.


I was sent to genetics as I was 48 and under the Scottish 50 marker. Noone in my family had bowel cancer but I have a daughter who was 13 now 18 . She will be checked from age 40 because of being under 50 for bowel cancer. They are excellent here in Aberdeen in my treatment. If Molly decides to be tested at any point she will have to also think about knock on effect for getting a mortgage, life insurance, etc which isn't fair to her. Genetics is good though and take time to explain everything :x:


Im going to the genetics centre on friday next week as im only 34.
Im sure in the leaflets i got it said you are not obliged to tell insurance companies you have been tested. You are free to tell them results if u want to but they are not allowed to ask. I will see if i can find it to clarify as im not 100% certain :x::x:


I have lynch like syndrome and am almost completely sure that they can't ask about genetics and that it wouldn't affect mortgage applications etc. Having cancer, yes, but having lynch, no. And if you have lynch you really want to know about it so that you can be screened regularly etc! :x: