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Polly 1

Mother in law has possible brain mets but ? primary

Sorry possibly not bowel cancer (but could be so please forgive me for posting here) just devastated to say that my 88 year old MIL is currently in hospital and it looks like she has brain mets from an unknown primary. They are searching for the primary by scanning etc.

Over the last few weeks (although previously independent and living in a sheltered housing court) she appeared to have some signs of a stroke/dementia. It's been a nightmare with her suddenly becoming forgetful, confused, losing vision in the left hand side of both eyes and wandering outside in the early hours resulting in two 999 calls in 3 days and finally being told by Dr to take her direct to A&E. At first the GP would only do blood and urine tests but after 3 weeks of waiting for results etc another Dr took one look at her and sent us straight to A & E where she was admitted.

A CT scan of her head showed at least two lesions which they think are secondaries. She has been in hospital since last Thursday. The hospital Dr said she thought most likely spread from lung or breast so they are looking at those first.

Yesterday we took her from the ward down to the breast clinic where after mammogram and ultrasound the consultant said no sign of breast cancer so that one is now ticked off.

She has had a CT scan which hasn't showed anything significant. The Dr said there is something by the ovary but unlikely to be the primary. Likewise the bone scan showed something but they are still uncertain where the primary is.

At the meeting yesterday I mentioned that C has stage 4 bowel cancer so that is also a possibility but unusual I think.

She was prescribed Dexamethasone steroids and the change in her has been 'miraculous'. The steroids has reduced the swelling in her brain and stopped most of the confusion etc I presume she can't stay on the steroids long term and not sure what treatment they can give an 88 year old when they can't find a primary. I see there is a consultant of 'unknown primary' at the hospital but I've never heard of it before.

Another worry and lots more hospital meetings, tests and visits to come I guess - just as we thought we may have some time away from the place. Poor C and his Mum ?


So very sorry @Polly 1 to hear this sending love and prayers :x::x:


@Polly 1
Very sorry to hear your sad news. I am glad that she was able to leave hospital and be so well cared for. :x::x:


So sorry to hear your news @Polly 1 - this must be an awful time for you.


Thinking of you @Polly 1 at this very difficult time for you and your family. Sending best wishes and love :x::x::x:


@Polly 1 so sorry to read this. Sending love and condolences to you & your family :x::x::x:


Sending love to you all @Polly 1 :x::x:


So sorry to hear this @Polly 1. Love to you both at this time :x::x:

Purple kangaroo

Sorry or hear about your mother in law @Polly 1 you, your husband and family are in my thoughts :x::x:


Sending you lots of love and healing thoughts @Polly 1 :x::x:


@Polly 1 so sorry for your loss. All my love to you.

Polly 1

Thanks so much everyone :x::x::x:


@Polly 1, I'm so sorry to read about your Mother in law, Polly. Please accept my deepest sympathies to you and C.
Sending you both much love and hugs :x::x::x:

Alan C

@Polly 1 sending my best wishes to your family.

Jacey Connell 74

@Polly 1 So sorry for your loss. Hugs to both of you :x::x:

Mrs Rufus65

@Polly 1 So sorry to hear your news.Sending you all my best wishes :x::x:


Only just saw this @Polly 1, So sorry for your loss and all the stress you have been having. I hope your husband has good news at his scan in July. I also hope your dad is ok too! Sending prayers and love to you all :x::x::x:

Polly 1

Thank you @Mrs Rufus65 @LynneW it looks like Dad has prostate cancer as he has a high PSA. Due to his age they havnt done a biopsy but MRI & bone scans don't show any spread so they are treating with hormone therapy.

We are OK thank you and although it has been a stressful time since February I have tried to keep things as calm for C as I could. Fingers crossed for July.

C's mum had what is called a 'direct cremation' arranged by the local funeral director where there isn't an actual funeral. This has helped as we have both been able to grieve for her privately then move on with smiles and our own lovely memories rather than saying goodbye to her coffin. We have both decided that is what we both want when the time comes.