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Just Diagnosed


Bit of a shocker!

Apparently its Stage C/T3/N2/M0.

Hey ho.


What a lovely surprise to read @michael πŸ˜† cheers to you and Nicola 🍸 :x::x:


Amazing news @michael go celebrate :x::x::x::x:


Fantastic news @michael , hope you are celebrating big time :x::x::x::x:


Lovely news @michael.:x::x:



Quote from @michael:
Evening everyone. Just thought I'd update on the last few months.

Nicola (my ileostomy stoma) and I have motored from Cornwall to Orkney, from Suffolk to the Welsh Marches - all wondrous on our scepter'd isle. Great summer.

That all ended on 25th July when I was drugged, gutted, stapled and sent home with a sick note to get off games. In the cancer ward I was buoyed up by recollections of Solzhenitsyn book but one incident surprised me. Fresh out of theatre in the High Dependency Unit I woke to find a young nurse injecting me saying "you have beautiful veins". Astonished, all I could manage was a harmless "and you have a beautiful face", which she had, but I then noticed I was crying, something I'd not done for over 50 years. Isn't that strange?

Nicola threw a major sulk when told she was to be "reversed", but perked up when she reappeared as my lifelong buddy on the left side. We are considering a Civil Partnership to declare our devotion. Meanwhile, no chance of Morag or wife visiting hospital as the World Athletics Championships are on the sports channel, but brother Angus showed up with a bag of grapes, ate them, then asked a nurse if she fancied a drink after work. Can't fault the logic I suppose.

Notwithstanding the Kafkaesque physical inconveniences of this cancer business, it has provided a considerable mental detox which I am hoping will serve me during the forthcoming chemo sessions, which are to be discussed with the Onc on Tuesday. I pop in to the Forum when the wife isn't checking the racing results, and draw great inspiration from everyone's posts. Thank you all.

So that's it to date, as the great man said: "Let us go forward together!"

Pip pip


Fantastic news so pleased :x:


@michael Heartwarming new to start my day. Thanks so much for posting.We need more stories like this to balance the challenges that we all face. Hope the bottles were popping well and that you can now step forward with confidence. Hugs, b :x:


marvellous news :) !!!

Lady GT

What a great outcome @michael , congratulations! I hope you both gave that Babycham a good seeing to last night. It really IS encouraging to all of us, to hear positive stories like yours, so thank you for posting.
Onwards and upwards ....


Firstly many thanks to everyone for all your kind wishes.

I have to say that I was not aware such a downward reclassification (sic) could be made and, notwithstanding I'm a glass half full sort of cove, am completely reconciled to being reclassified back up again just when I'm not expecting it (I still have the chemo to address).

If there's a lesson learned, especially for newly diagnosed patients, the reference to historic datasets is useful as a guide to treatment regimes, but completely fatuous as an extrapolative tool for predicting outcomes.

Sorry to say that Nicola rather abused the hospitality last night and fired off an email to the surgeon asking to be put back on the right hand. Civil partnership discussions are suspended.




@micheal , you do have a way with words 😊, best wishes you and Nicola , it really is fab news


@michael πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚


@michael wonderful news :x::x:


@michael this is such positive news and certainly gives us hope πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘. Have you considered asking Nicola to talk to a counsellor about changing sides πŸ˜€


That is fabulous news @michael !

Polly 1

Great news :x::x:


Great news @michael, you need to keep that Nicola under control, sending emails like that to the surgeon. good luck and all the best to you both. ( had better not leave Nicola out )


@michael, I do hope you sipped your babycham out of the authentic babycham glasses.:x::x:


@michael that's great news. Go mad and crack open another Babycham I say 🍸🍸🍸 :x::x:


Fab news @michael ..... am delighted for you! Uplifting to hear your great news :x::x::x: