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Treatment Stopped

As I feared the Lonsurf hasn’t worked and all tumours have continued to grow. The Scan report only addressed the largest of the tumours this time and included the following… “the peritoneal deposits have increased in size (for example 6.7x3.6cm increased to 7.4x4.5cm; 6.5x5.5cm increased to 7.0x5.4cm) suggesting disease progression. The lesion in the liver porta area is more bulky, difficult to measure, clearly involving the anterior wall of the inferior vena cava.”
So, all treatment stopped; the inferior vena cava involvement is new and somewhat concerning, as this is the biggest and also the thinnest walled vein in the body, taking the deoxygenated blood back to the heart from the lower limbs.
My Oncologist suggested referral to The Royal Marsden for Phase 1 trials and I should hear something next week. I’m really in two minds about this. Half of me wants to grab at any option whilst the other says make the most of the remaining time whilst I’m currently still reasonably fit, the tumours aren’t causing any discomfort yet and it’s only the side effects of the numerous chemo’s that have made life difficult. I think I will see the Doctor conducting the trial and see what is involved before making a decision. The Royal Marsden is also some distance away, Gail doesn’t drive and the trials are usually all consuming time wise.
Whilst there will be no more Oncology appointments at Maidstone, both my Oncologist and Macmillan nurse have assured me that they are there for me if needed at any time. Other than that it’s down to my Community Nurse at the Heart of Kent Hospice, who is always at the end of the phone for help and advice and has already been to see me a couple of times over the past few months. Bob :x:


So very sorry to read this sad news. Don't have adequate words but just admire your strength and courage and thank you for your support and wise words over the time I've been on the forum. Prayers and love to you @Bob :x:

Polly 1

♥️sending love to you both @Bob♥️ :x::x:

Jacey Connell 74

@Bob ❤️ I have no words but thinking of you and your family :x::x:

Alan C

Dear @Bob
I'm just out of hospital myself today but wanted to send my very best wishes to you and your family.


Dear @Bob.
I am heartbroken to read your update. I too feel very privileged to have been supported by such a kind, strong and supportive man. Wishing you warm and loving times with your family and not to forget Wolfie of course.
Sending love to both you and Gail and you will be forever in my thoughts. Marie :x::x::x::x:


God bless you @Bob . :x::x::x::x:


I am so very sorry @Bob and so sad to hear your news. Thank you for all your words of support to myself and others. My thoughts are with you. :x::x:


sending you my thoughts @Bob and hopes that you get longer with your wonderful Gail and family than you think :x::x::x:


I'm sitting here with tears too, @Bob, you have really touched my heart with your presence and support on this forum. Thank you for being here for all of us.
You have always shown such dignity and grace and courage.
Sending all my love to you and Gail and your family and furbabies.. I hope you have many more beautiful memories together.
Before I met you I had never really thought of Cyprus, but now it is on my bucket list.. when I think of Cyprus, I will always think of you and Wolfie & Cleo. Much love :x::x::x:


What beautiful words @Sparrow - they really made me think of @Bob and Cyprus too.


@Bob , I'm gutted to read this , for the nearly 3 years I've been on this forum , you've been a constant . Your comments and advice have always been so calm and considered and kind.
I hope that you and Gail and your family can have as many more happy times as possible .
My love to you :x:


Sorry reading this. Sending love and thoughts to you and your family💕 You have often helped me and so many others, you are a true superstar :x::x:


I have always read your posts @Bob, for their honesty and dignity. My heart reaches out to you and your family sending you love and peace. X❤:x:


Hi @Bob
I'm heartbroken to read your update Bob. Maybe I'm a dreamer but I never thought it would come to this. I thought with all the progress that's been made, that a cure would be found and you're so invincible.

You were one of the first to respond to me when I joined BBC and I don't know what I would have done without your support and good humour. You are a tower of strength for all of us.
Wishing you lots of love, hugs and prayers :x::x::x:


Hello @Bob ... I hope that you are feeling peaceful, im sure you are enjoying family and pets time to the fullest... blessings to you all :x::x:


I’m so sorry to read this latest news @Bob - I don’t honestly know what to say, other than just sending love and strength to you and your family at this horribly difficult time. Enjoy every minute you have with each other :x::x::x:


Dear @Bob. you don’t know me directly, but I send my healing prayers and good wishes to you Sir. Please God fate will yet play a part, our journey is such an unpredictable one who really knows. God bless you.

springer michelle

Thinking of bob. Worrying we havent heard from anyone