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Midlands Patient Day 8 April 2017

Patients and relatives are warmly invited to join us for our first Midlands Patient Day at the Royal Worcestershire Hospital, just off the M5 motorway. We are including some of the most popular topics in our programme including Rob Thomas's fascinating talk about avoiding recurrence of cancer and an hour long carers only workshop. There will also be dieticians, oncology nurses and stoma nurses on hand to give advice. Hope to see some of you there! More details at


Hi @Jenny Nurse Advisor will there still be a day in London this year?

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No, unfortunately not @Alwyn . It's not ruled out for future events but we chose not to hold a London event this year.
We have chosen the location in the Midlands partly because we are a UK based charity and so wanted to try and be inclusive to others in the UK who might not be able to access London so easily. It's slightly more central to the UK amongst other logistics which had to be considered.
Also, for a charity of our size we are being mindful of the economic climate hence we are trying to make the best use of our resources in the best way we can to support patients and carers affected by bowel cancer.
We really hope you can join us for the day if you can make it. It's great to have everyone come together. :D
Best wishes,


Hi @Jenny Nurse Advisor yes I quite understand that. I think the midlands is going to be too far for me although I have been trying to work out whether it's near a train station (I don't drive). Do you by any chance know what the nearest station is? Many thanks


Thank you @Purple kangaroo that's useful. Unfortunately it would take approximately four hours and five changes on public transport from south london to get there so I think I will have to give it a miss this year. :x:

Purple kangaroo

Aw that's a shame, but totally understandable! :x: