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Cant sleep? Welcome to the 24/7 Thread !!!!

Are you like me and sometimes find yourself wide awake in the middle of the night? Do you feel like sharing your thoughts, experiences, ideas, cancer related or not, with other people who are also burning the midnight oil?

If so, I thought it would be a good idea to open a thread for night owls like us !!!!

Let me know what you think!

Rose :x::x:


Oh how rubbish for you @Seashells. There’s nothing worse than being awake in the wee small hours. I was awake last night for a good couple of hours too but didn’t check my iPad only used it for a mediation track through the headphones. I had chemo wed so still on steroids! Hoping they’ll help me get on with some light gardening/outside tidying today! 😉😉

I hope your bloods recover well for next week. Mine are usually borderline these days and I reckon dip below the lower end of normal but are just good enough for chemo to go ahead.

Sending loads of love,



Thanks @Baxter2 I managed to get a couple of hours sleep but was wide awake again by 6am and am now busy out in the garden and not remotely tired. I also normally only use my kindle
at night for a meditation track I found on u-tube but last night I couldn't even keep my eyes closed! Hopefully all the steroids will be out of my system by this evening and I can look forward to some proper sleep.
Back to the garden - my happy place on a day like today :)


Great to hear @Seashells ! I like to take advantage of steroid days by doing a bit extra then I feel ok about doing little on the 2/3 day steroid crash!

Happy gardening! I’m off out now to do the same too!



last couple of nights I havent slept very well, I deliberately tired myself out today making preparations for my birthay (9th) Off to bed feeling tired, snuggled into my pillow then.. ping! wide awake.. sigh.

I dont know if its the chemo starting on Friday thats on my mind or what. I have had a headache since Monday, not the usual migraines that normally get me, more like a background niggle. Thing is I cant remember if i took some paracetamol tonight or not. I dread to think how I will cope with the Capecitabine with my memory like this.

ok. stopping the rambling now and going to try and sleep.



@Jim3rg I hope you managed to get off to sleep and have a good day tomorrow. I will be thinking about you on Friday when you start your treatment. Positive thoughts And best wishes to you. Caroline :x::x:

Bear G

Hi @Jim3rg
The busy brain thing is not uncommon (see 581 comments on this thread!) so please don’t worry about it.
You’ve got a lot on so as well as busying yourself and tiring yourself, I’d recommend a wind don period before bed. Have you tried meditating? That can really help with this, as can aromatherapy - both easy to do before you go to bed and also if you wake in the night.
There is a ‘fear of the unknown’ which certainly affected me before my first chemo cycle, that turned out to be my toughest cycle 9nly because I’d psyched myself out!
I’ve been on capcitabine for well over 4 years now and would say there’s nothing to worry about, it’s all manageable. To help you with remembering if you’ve taken your tablets, I drew up a grid which I ticked when I’d taken them (at one point I was on over 20 per day), that took the stress out of things!
Big hugs


Hi again @Jim3rg - if I can't sleep I listen to a hypnosis tape - I plug my earphones into my iPhone when I go to bed, and use it to drop off to sleep and then if I wake in the middle of the night I can put them on again and don't disturb hubbie - who by that time is probably snoring away anyway! Most times it works - if it doesn't Horlicks helps.

Can understand why your mind is in overdrive - mine was on Tuesday waiting for Wednesday to come so that I would know the results of the histology.

Let me know how the chemo goes - I've still got that to face.

Polly 1

@Jim3rg we have set all the times of tablets as alarms on a mobile phone - its so easy to forget otherwise. Like @Bear G we also tick them off on a chart.

All the best :x:


@Catlover @Bear G @Elmac @Polly 1 Thank you all for the replies and advice. I did manage to get a few hours sleep in the end. I do have a diffuser in the back of a cupboard somewhere, might be an idea to rescue it, also the relaxing music is a good idea will load my android with it and give it a whirl. Both the chart and phone alarm for keeping track of the tablets I will do. I was wondering if any of you use a pill organiser?


Polly 1

Hubby uses a pill organiser (7 separate days) for all his other 'normal' tablets but as he only has steroids and anti sickness for his chemo he dosnt need one for those.
As you are having a lot of chemo tablets (I think) sounds like a good idea. You can get them separated for different times of the day


Why do they inject you with such a high dose of steroids with chemo? I know this helps in some way but for me sleep has always been the best 'medicine'. My usual calming music and a lovely Optrex warming eye mask have not worked. I've not slept a wink 😞 and now the birds are singing away 😭😩 I don't stand a hope. Ear plugs already on my urgent shopping list!


Hi @Lynette . I believe the steroids are helping as anti- sickness .... i never sleep on the first night of chemo but I figure it’s better to be awake and not vomiting, than being awake vomiting 🤮. I catch up on tv and reading and no longer let it frustrate me as I think that made me feel worse ! :x::x::x:


It's 3.45am and I have been restless all night. Had a very good day yesterday, went to the theatre to see 'The Play That Goes Wrong', this is the second time I have seen it and it still creases me up laughing, eveyone needs to see it.

I dont know if its the buzz from yesterday thats keeping my mind active or what, but i need to sleep.

Mug of hot chocolate and I will try again.



Awww, I've just seen this and hope you managed to get some sleep @Jim3rg

I'm on steroids and usually expect a poor or little sleep but I stayed up until about 1.30am and then slept well after I went to bed.

Take care and hope today is a good one for you.



I always wake up at 3 am(summer/winter time).


@Baxter2 @"Jon-T" I tried until 5am but finally gave up, which. means of course that I am totally knackered today, but refusing to give in to the tiredness in hope I can get. to sleep tonight.

Take care folks


Quote from @Jim3rg:
It's 3.45am and I have been restless all night. Had a very good day yesterday, went to the theatre to see 'The Play That Goes Wrong', this is the second time I have seen it and it still creases me up laughing, eveyone needs to see it.

I dont know if its the buzz from yesterday thats keeping my mind active or what, but i need to sleep.

Mug of hot chocolate and I will try again.


Hi like sound of play will look into that . sleep is quite. Problem for me have night sweats.listen music headphones to block snorer .hope sleep improve .I seem crash in afternoon so go back after noon maps and fan good luck was going try cool hot water bottle :x:


Hi I use to sleep like a log every night but since the chemo radiotherapy and surgery apr resection my sleep is crap. It was not hot last night so went to bed about 11.30 ish and slept to 3am eyes wide awake, trying to sleep again since 3 am and it's 5.30 at the moment eyes still wide awake. Wouldn't mind if I slept during the day but I don't so getting annoyed by this every night.
This has happened more recently since I stopped my Oramorph and slowly cutting out progabalin bloody drugs and disease.

I got the all clear but you still worry and feel your body every day just in case.

Going to try and snuggle down again please please sleep.

Have a great day everyone.

George :x::x:


I am a firm believer in always sleeping with your feet pointing North My Dad always did in WW2 and slept like a log !
We have just had a couple of weeks campervanning in Yorkshire ..first three nights hardly slept at all then realised the Van was East / West So I turned it around ...slept like a log for 10 days
Also when its too hot and sticky I take two Paracetamol they make you much cooler
Cath :x::x:


Sleepless in Newcastle.
Mind running on overdrive and dosent want to quit, could this be the Prednisolone? Second day of taking 40mg, positive note is that my hearing is back to normal, but I will still keep the ENT appointment on Tuesday. Hmm I have a diffuser I wonder if any oils are good to aid sleep.

Take care night owls