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Cant sleep? Welcome to the 24/7 Thread !!!!

Are you like me and sometimes find yourself wide awake in the middle of the night? Do you feel like sharing your thoughts, experiences, ideas, cancer related or not, with other people who are also burning the midnight oil?

If so, I thought it would be a good idea to open a thread for night owls like us !!!!

Let me know what you think!

Rose :x::x:


It's one if these nights. So worried that if it's bad news on Monday that I have no plan B. There is no plan B really. Monday I have mri and appt with liver surgeon at Basingstoke.
Trying to think about my garden plants usually makes me sleep but is not working today. ?


Gosh, poor you @blueorchid I really feel for you. I could try thinking of my garden plants too but doubt that will help me sleep either. I honestly think Monday will be very positive but I completely understand your feelings of anxiety and a lack of plan B. You could ask Mr. Liver surgeon can he suggest a plan B for you?? Sending my love as always xx?


Thanks @Baxter2 I feel bad grumbling on here..... Sorry you are also awake.
? ? ? ?

springer michelle

@blueorchid, you can grumble all you like to us. Really hope Monday goes really well for you. Enjoy the weekend, enjoy your garden, and the lovely weather :x::x::x:


@blueorchid not exactly awake in the night time yet but I just wanted to wish you all the best for Monday. I'm seeing liver surgeon, different situation to yours but I want to know what their plan is! Cx

Catherine Blakeney

@blueorchid wil be thinking of you later today, good luck sending you lots of healing hugs ?

springer michelle

Thinking of you today :x::x::x::x::x::x:


@blueorchid @Caraeliz24 wishing you both good luck today. Thinking of you both :x::x::x::x:


Can't sleep, thought I was past this but back to the worrying stage! Thank God for this forum, thought I would reactivate the thread! Who's with me?!


I joined this site due to being one of these people, anxiety would kick in, out of bed pacing the house climbing the walls to the early hours.
I used to get so anxious when friday would arrive as there was no call centres to use over the weekend, but then i found this site, i used to cross reference things and look at the positives knowing i wasnt on my own to bring myself down to earth,
Being able to relate and realise 99% of the thought and questions we ask ourselves others on this can relate to.
3:50am now and im on a Harry Potter night,
Yesterday was wildlife lol.

Hope everyone is well.
Great topic to bing up @rose57

Mikey :x:

Gary real name not Gavin

Hello everyone. Think we all go through this. Every night I am awake having a cuppa, wee, or just trying to get back to sleep I also tend to go on this site so when it was down the other day that didn't help. I watch the news again again and again It makes me tired so I go back to bed tired then Ching the eyes wide awake again every night.
I am not worried, worrying, thinking or anything else just want to sleep but I get pains in my bowel that what start it off.
Having a Pet Scan, Pre op tomorrow and should be having another biopsy next week followed by surgery soon.



ps let's hope you all sleep good tonight :x::x:


I may well join you all tomorrow night.....chemo all day and those steroids !! 😜



Hi @Gary real name not Gavin, I hope your PET scan goes well and they get your pain sorted soon. You've had an awful time of it. Seem to have found myself here in the early hours! Need to get some more sleep but birds have already started their dawn chorus so don't think there's much chance 😒:x::x::x:


Well I e only just found tubs thread!!! After being awake for hours, 😴 , now I have to go to work!!😩 what is it with our brains working over time in the middle off the night!!! :x::x::x:

Gary real name not Gavin

I managed to sleep last night I had 15mg of Diazipam for the Pet Scan but that didn't work until last night, fell asleep on the floor so wifie left me there but covered me still woke up early to the cheap cheap of birds . Hope I sleep tonight nothing worse cannot make a noise so I clean the place but the hoovering waits. If I think it's going to be nice peg the washing out something to pass the time also prepare dinner my wife is absulutly loving it at the moment.
Phone call from this afternoon from hospital not sure if going for a big operation with plastic surgery or Biopsy the person on.the other end didn't know much. Spk laters most probably.:x::x:


Why am I still awake? I was supposed to have chemo today (well yesterday now as it is 2:30 am) but my WBC was too low, they tested again and started the steroid/anti sickness drips in the hope that the second blood test would be better but it was worse so chemo is deferred for a week. I'm not too bothered but am surprised that the IV steroids given first thing this morning have left me even more wide awake than usual. I guess the hit of chemo would normally act as a balance? Ironic that the nurse advised plenty of rest so my body can work on improving my bloods and I'm struggling to stay in bed in the middle of the night - I'd rather be cleaning the kitchen!


Oh how rubbish for you @Seashells. There’s nothing worse than being awake in the wee small hours. I was awake last night for a good couple of hours too but didn’t check my iPad only used it for a mediation track through the headphones. I had chemo wed so still on steroids! Hoping they’ll help me get on with some light gardening/outside tidying today! 😉😉

I hope your bloods recover well for next week. Mine are usually borderline these days and I reckon dip below the lower end of normal but are just good enough for chemo to go ahead.

Sending loads of love,



Thanks @Baxter2 I managed to get a couple of hours sleep but was wide awake again by 6am and am now busy out in the garden and not remotely tired. I also normally only use my kindle
at night for a meditation track I found on u-tube but last night I couldn't even keep my eyes closed! Hopefully all the steroids will be out of my system by this evening and I can look forward to some proper sleep.
Back to the garden - my happy place on a day like today :)


Great to hear @Seashells ! I like to take advantage of steroid days by doing a bit extra then I feel ok about doing little on the 2/3 day steroid crash!

Happy gardening! I’m off out now to do the same too!