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Younger people with bowel cancer


Hey Everyone!

Hey guys!

I'm a 32 yr old male and I have recently been diagnosed with colo-rectal and liver cancer, of which there is a fair bit :( I havn't actually been told my staging, tho i can tell by the way I have been rushed onto chemo (fol-fori) it's very advanced.

My bowels had been very erractic for the past 8-12 months, at the start of the year I became very constipated, GP prescriped Laxido, which eventually started to help things along.

Forward to the last week of April, when I started developing a very heavy, and severe pain in my liver. Which led me bringing myself into A&E. I told the docs I had a bad pain in my liver, tho they were certain it was my appendix/gallstone. Was too young, apparently, to have Liver problems. Few days later an MRi revealed I had several large liver lesions, largest being 8.2x8x8 CM another of similar size and others dotted around the liver. Let home and scheduled for the biopsy 3 weeks later. Done the biopsy and went of holiday happy as larry, as one of the registers said I was fine to drink. Given I thought it was drink related, i figured it wasn't anything serious. Had a few beers on holidays, which mainly resulted in me violently spewing my guts every where. I came home severely drained of energy/strength, knowing something was in fact, seriously wrong with me.

Was first told on the 16th of May that my lesions were in fact malignant tumours, suspected of being secondary. A further colonscopy revealed the primary to be colo-rectal, still waiting on the biopsy results of this, tho its pretty certain.

Started my first treatment Monday (fol-fori).

This was all pretty devastating to hear first of, but I am absolutely determined to beat this thing back to where it came from!

Look forward to engaging with you all on this journey!



@Sean Sounds like you're doing amazingly well. Keep on doing it fella! :x:


Lovely to hear from you @Sean. You make it sound so easy!!

Onwards and upwards! :x:


Great update @Sean! The word reduction by itself is fab and I’m loving your plan! Fingers crossed eh :x::x:


Hello @Sean

Marvellous update and you seem very upbeat and positive.

Hope you positive news keeps coming in droves, positive healing thoughts :x:


Sounds good to me @Sean onwards and upwards :x::x:


thank you ladies! @LABluebell @Lizalou @mem @Alwyn far from easy but I manage myself well (most of the time)
Yes @GD1962 lets keep the good news coming! :x:


Well done @Sean!!! Keep going. :x:


Sounds great to me @Sean - keep on keeping on!



One word - inspirational!



Great positive news @Sean! Great to read! K 💜💛💚💙❤️


Cheers guys! Back onto another rd of chemo yesterday. Which i was supposed to start Monday, didn't have the energy for it.


Best of luck @Sean, I hope the chemo goes well for you. John


@Sean you are amazin' keep up the positivity, and the updates, it a lovely to read how things are going for you....🌼X🌼


@snowsister thanks! Got unplugged today @John2628 so im free untill the next one :)


Ha...ha @Sean, it soon comes around. Look after yourself Buddy!


Well im hoping the next time i go in, they tell me to start getting ready for the next op. Wont hold my breathe tho...


Morning @Sean just wondering how you are doing. Hope all is well Diane :x::x::x:


I think you are doing amazingly well. Particularly keeping up your gym, swim and humour - All power to you :x::x::x:


Hi @DianeS im doing ok still thanks. Been really busy with tests/treatment.
Had a sigmoid-flexi thingy last week, and the good news is we couldn't see the bowel tumour! Still no plan for further surgery as yet, prob be in the new year.
Gotta do a CT for the bowel surgeon Monday, suspect i'll meet with him soon after.
Wednesday im back in for more chemo. Which will be number 30, I don't plan on doing many more after, it is wrecking my veins! Suspect it's the change in weather, but the last one seemed to take a fair bit more out of me than the previous.

Thanks @Lawsey the gym seems to be the only thing, that can kick start me into action.:x:


Hi Sean, my partner was diagnosed with stage 3 bowel cancer at the age of 22 in 2015, and we all know how much of a huge shock in can be.

It may seem like a very overwhelming experience and journey you are about to embark on, and unfortunately it will probably be a rollercoaster, but this group will offer you a huge amount of support, even in the darkest times, as it certainly has from my perspective.

Wishing you all the best of luck and I have everything crossed that your health will only be on the up from now on :x::x: