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financial support

hello i believe there may be some goverment financial support for people with cancer. is this only for people who are immobile or need carers or does it apply to all cancer patients. i have bowel cancer and have finished treatment and no doubt will soon be having an operation. but am able to do most things and have tried really hard to stay active.

just wondering if any one knows the way the financial support works , like DLA etc



Good work, Mikey!

well done ...


Haven't posted here for a while as I didn't want to jinx my application! But have just heard today that I have been awarded the higher rate DLA! It's taken me months to get someone willing to fill in the form for me and has not been easy on the morale to have to keep admitting the stage my cancer has reached, somehow having to say it out loud to numerous faceless people makes it hit home with a vengeance. Eventually I got help from Age UK (the old Age Concern), another blow to the confidence that I was directed to them, as I am 60 next birthday! Talk about rub it in! Anyway they talked to my CNS, who put me in touch with the MacMillan social worker at my hospital and between them filled in the fast track form. It's been backdated 2 months, so with that little windfall I hope to go away at sometime to recharge the old batteries.

Thanks to all the posters on here that have given advice about applying and persevering. I would never have thought to claim otherwise, now I can get some help with housework and maybe the garden!

Best wishes all!



hello Alison,

i am glad you got something !

perseverance is everything with the faceless minions..

well done

best wishes for everything



So Pleased for you Alison, I was awarded it last month as well, it is helping me with a cleaner and gardener etc, I have put in for a blue badge which is awarded with the DLA but it has not come yet, they keep telling me it is being processed ( 6 weeks now) I will ring on monday again.




Brilliant!! it will make such a difference!


We were notified that our tax credit payments were to be reduced by two thirds as of this month, no mention as to why. My wife gave up her work when I first became ill and has only managed to find part time work since then. I too work part time, but only 20 hours per week and I think the new government target is 24. We will survive, but it will be back to very careful spending. Just as well I have rediscovered cycling, that will save some petrol money, and hopefully our allotments will mean we need to buy less fruit and veg. We're still head and shoulders above the financial situation we were in when I was was off sick for 20 months and my benefit equaled £9 per day, but it the tax credit cut still leaves a sinking feeling.



Hi Chools ,

most annoying , did you know this was coming?

surely they should explain why.

i must say i have just received a letter to say that my NI contributions related allowance has been increased, by 30 pounds per week or so.

but again they have not said why, just said they reviewed my case and have increased it.

best wishes



Hi Mikey,

No warning of the change. I try and be positive and think of all the months that we were entitled to the money which made a difference to our lives. I'm just lucky to be alive, and there is more to life than money, and there's no use in worrying about it, it's not going to help!


lucky lady

Hello Just read your post re financial help and wanted to ask exactly what benefit you get. I was on job seekers then was diagnosed with my 5th cancer and they put me on ESA so I get my rent and c.tax paid. I am now having chemo and whilst there last week saw a McMillan nurse and asked if I was elligable to any other financial help, she said as my cancer wasn`t terminal and I can walk and look after myself she didn`t think so. I see and hear of other people receiving benefit and wonder what benefit it is. and am I entitled to it as well. if you or any-one else can advise would be really grateful as I now have a stoma and need to buy new baggy tops that would help disguise the bag. Thank you.


Hi LL,

If you have one near to you try and speak with an advisor at a MacMillan CAB. If you're not sure as to where your local one is look at their website here: http://tinyurl.com/czx3d7w



I met someone i knew tonight who has had breast cancer and she told me of this site that can help to calculate what benefits you might be entitled to



Thanks for that Hazel, I'm going to look into it.
I only get my state pension, topped up with my late husbands 'graduated' contributions & they have stopped 'Pension Credit' because they say it is too high. As I no longer get 'Pension Credit' there are so many other benefits that I can't claim, one being a rebate from my energy suplier that I have just got a form for. What with the excessive ammount of loo roll & pant liners I have to buy along with ready made meals & a gardener I'm finding things a little tight.
Probably a good job my Onco has written me off or there'll be nothing left for my daughter to bury me with.


Finally got around to doing this only for things to remain the same. My pension went a couple of quid over the Pension Credit threshold when it went up in April which means I can't get a penny more from anywhere. :(


I know how you feel Vivienne, i got a cash lump sum with my pension which affects any help apart from my DLA AND TAX credits which i need to persue, and even though me and my hub have been living separately....but in the same house! my situation affects his ability to get benefits even though he has been off work for over a year after redundancy.


hi folks

i have a big form to fill in from DWP

i have been receiving contributions based allowance,

paperwork eh



hello again folks,

i have received a letter from Atos. the company that polices benefits fro the DWP.

they want to see me on the 13th June to do an assessment to see if i am fit for work. then i can work the huge amount of time before i am 65 years old and retire on the 13th of August !! :D
two months.

anyway any one been through this process and got any thoughts on it.

my ongoing health issue since reversal operation besides some niggling pains, is mild diarrhoea worst in the morning after getting through the night and i can rarely venture forth before 10.30... so not ideal for working....,

i dont now if the benefit ceases when i retire any way, any one know this,?

i shall contact Macmillan financial support tomorrow i think...

best wishes

Mary HB

My Neil says are these the people known as the Atossers ? ;D


indeed !!


Yes I had something similar experience after breast surgery. I had the op then radiotherapy and this took me over the SSP time period so it then had a new name, would it be Invalidity, I cannot remember. So I was asked to go for an interview and medical. because I could get about resonably well I was deemed suitable for a job that didn't require heavy lifting. So I asked them to find me one, there answer to that was that was my job.
So we sold up and moved to Spain. Sorry Mikey but they will deem you fit for work. A rude name springs to mind :-X >:(


ok well they can pay me jobseekers for two months till i retire !!

unless i am very quick at getting a job as a 64 year old... what chance ? a fat zero ....