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Life with bowel cancer


What did you do today?

I'm not sure what other folk are like, but I still have some days when I feel completely 'whacked' from the moment I get up, and others where I manage to achieve quite a lot (by my standards). I try and do something everyday though even if it's just a walk.

Today wasn't a great day in that I felt really tired when I got up and spent the early part of the morning surfing, but then went on to bake some oatcakes, and started gardening before the rain drove me back inside - divided up the pots of mint we have with the idea of making a lot more fresh tea this summer.
Managed to make the tea and light the fire in time for my wife coming in, but I'm now exhausted and am slumped in a chair with my last cup of herb tea before bed

What did you manage to do today?


thanks Brian and Stella, and Stella I know what you mean, i was just trying to rationalise things for myself, realising that dad had lots of relations, children and grandchildren around all the time, so while he might have liked to see more of me and mine , he had plenty of people to keep him busy and entertained.

very nice quotes Brian, i have been going through old pictures and putting them on an extended family group (closed one) on facebook for all relatives to see.

There is a lot of social history to my father, having been born in the workhouse in Tuam in 1921 during the last year of the Irish struggle for independence which saw the signing of the Irish free state agreement later that year and sadly civil war in Ireland a year later.


Sending you lots of love xx I miss mum a lot as she was only 59 when she died suddenly just two years ago. It's at holidays it seems to hit hard somehow. I felt that no matter what age you are, when a parent dies you just feel vulnerable, like a child again . Hope easter is gentle for you xx


hi Chelle, yes it leaves an emptiness that aches a little. i find i am thinking about what he would do and say about things without even realising it....


Today I......went in to work, second day on phased return. Great to see everyone, bought some alcohol-free Becks Blue on the way home, tidied up the living room and the kids' bedroom, peeled some spuds and made up some onion gravy, did some ironing and helped sort the boys' clothes for school tomorrow. Plan now is to eat dinner at 5, shower, and get ready for week 3 of my fourth cycle and a folfox jab tomorrow am. After that I'll be popping into B&Q to buy some mortar and taking Mrs itfc to look at some fabrics for our new kitchen. By this time next week I'll be exactly half-way through chemo.


@itfc1959 Gosh, I'm exhausted just reading about your day! Hope your jab isn't a painful one. My mood and energy increased after my chemo halfway mark. If it does the same for you, what antics will you get up to then? smile



@tumbleweed I\m off on a family holiday just after cycle 6 on the third week, so I ought to be ok. Dropped the kids off at school this morning, sanding down some paintwork later on before lunch, dropping mrs itfc into Norwich later to get her hair done: going into work Thursday and Saturday.


well diy is dangerous stuff. nothing too drastic, but my hands feel a bit shredded, three different incidents, cleaning the greenhouse with gloves on , took them off to wash out sponge and rubber the glass a bit and got three little cuts in under a minute. didnt hurt at the time but did later !! then making some better roof supports for wood store i got a big splinter in finger and out other side, would not come out with tweasers so had to pull it through with pliers, Sue squealed when she saw the size of it. then this morning making a 6 foot high frame round veg patch to net over to keep pheasants out, i was removing screws from the bodge bits of wood i was using and slipped with screwdriver and stabbed it into my hand just half an inch from the previous big splinter,
having cup of tea now and home made bread toasted with low sugar home made blackcurrant jam and feeling tender !!!


Wikey!! Take it easy man! You need to be fit for Saturday. No more jobs until after the weekend or you'll run the risk of being hospitalised with the after effects of some additional incident. Toast, jam and tea sound just the job. Hugs, B x


@itfc1959 I've become like a porcelain doll during my chemo! But I'm planning on turning into Wonder Woman in the next couple of weeks smile

Enjoy your family holiday. Just after my halfway I booked a family holiday but for later in the year (I have to go long haul to see them).


yes taking it easy now brian...
just volunteered to be a marshall at the l'eroica britannia in june

this is what it is about



Pahaha @wikey, I misread that as "l'erotica britannia" ! I thought you were going to impress us with your pole dancing skills shocked xx


a common mistake, gringrin

i was doing a sort of pole dance this morning making a frame to net over the veg patch, have to produce a picture later i think....!!tonguetongue

nine poles with more sticks across the tops of them !! ha ha


Ouch!! you sound like you're becoming a bit accident prone. Put your feet up and relax for a while.


Blimey Wikey..your a busy man hehe. Is L'Eroica Britannia similiar to the Italian one? Off out myself tomm to get myself a new bike.


Steady on @wikey you'll be giving the rest of us a bad name! Great to hear you're zipping around @itfc1959 and keeping the wife happy. Good luck with turning in to wonder woman @tumbleweed and it sounds like your back to your self @chelle73 ! Don't forget the photo of your new bike @Gray1967 on the photo thread!
Ivan 😃


Promise to take and post a photo if I ever manage it @Ivan smile


hi folks , yes the one in england is similar to the one in italy, it is based in bakewell and covers most of mid to north derbyshire on the ride, you need an old bike to register for the ride, and i have two one 1963/4 and one 1953 both road worthy and the 60s one ridden as my main road bike.tking it easy today no diy


Dropped the kids off at school, picked up the other car from the garage, gone into work for a couple of hours, when I get home I'll be painting the kitchen and maybe doing a bit in the garden. And have covered myself in factor 50.


factor 50, i thought i was going crazy putting on factor 30 yesterday!!

off to sort a few more bits of wood for frame around veg patch

wikey mikey


I have painted my toenails a fetching summery shade of orange, washed the bedding, entertained a three year old and am still stuck in waiting for delivery of a new mattress ( I need some decent sleep, lets hope this works!). When that arrives we shall be off to the park, buying compost on the way home to start planting up the summer baskets. It's all go here haha x