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Life with bowel cancer


What did you do today?

I'm not sure what other folk are like, but I still have some days when I feel completely 'whacked' from the moment I get up, and others where I manage to achieve quite a lot (by my standards). I try and do something everyday though even if it's just a walk.

Today wasn't a great day in that I felt really tired when I got up and spent the early part of the morning surfing, but then went on to bake some oatcakes, and started gardening before the rain drove me back inside - divided up the pots of mint we have with the idea of making a lot more fresh tea this summer.
Managed to make the tea and light the fire in time for my wife coming in, but I'm now exhausted and am slumped in a chair with my last cup of herb tea before bed

What did you manage to do today?


@chelle73 beautiful photo. And I agree with @Sparrow lovely dress. I bet you had fab shoes on too. :x::x::x::x:


@chelle73 love that outfit! Nothing like family to give you a boost ( as long as they're being positive, that is!!) :x::x:


yes @chelle73 great picture ... I also wanted to see the shoes!!!


Haha thank you @Sparrow @Rach @HilaryB @blueorchid The dress is a "lana" from Lindy Bop....the shoes that match were in the cupboar, I'm in red fluffy slippers! Here's Matthew in the matching shoes! I find my feet don't like heels when I'm on chemo. xx


How did you make the laptop float?


Lovely pics @chelle73. Bob :x:


Wonderful news Sheila, love to you Diane :x:


Gorgeous pic @chelle73! :x:

El Ivan

Great pic 😃 :x:


Beaut @chelle73 , loving those shoes :x::x::x::x::x::x:


Helped daughter with 'active' GCSE revision. Wishing her all the best for the next few weeks.

Love those woody photos of yours @blueorchid. You look so happy :)
Ah, this is the thread with your lovely dress on it, @chelle73 .
I'm desperately waiting for the worst to be past so that we can can all have a big party in your Marbella local, @El Ivan !


Had lunch celebrating the Norwegian constitution day.


Congratulations @Jont


@Jont Fabulous spread! Thanks for 'sharing'. :D


That looks very special, fun and tasty. Glad to see you're keeping your constitution in check @Jonty! ;)


Hello @tumbleweed! How are you doing? Great to have you back 😘 :x::x:


!@mem ! Thanks :). I've been very busy trying to do 'everything' right now. Then that got a bit exhausting. And now I seem to have slipped right into the middle of 'we're-supposed-to-be-monitoring-you-so-how-about-lots of-icky-appointments'. And you have been very busy too from what I've seen ;) All good, except for your sicky mouth feeling?


A very busy @tumbleweed by the sounds! Some R&R maybe? It's seems you can never get away from this cancer crap, but I suppose needs must 😔 I'm really good thankyou apart from the 'Huey' feeling but hey in the grand scheme of things it's not the end of the world. SO good to have you back 😬 :x::x:


Had a great first time in France and lots of fun with mum.
Some spiritually amazing time in Lourdes 💧
We stayed in Biarritz at 27degrees. 🌞

☺ I upset a French chef for asking him for ketchup with my meal .... and he refused to give it to me.


sacré bleu @blueorchid! Tommy sauce, how could you😉 Glad you had a lovely time and 27 degrees, perfect! :x::x: