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Life with bowel cancer


What did you do today?

I'm not sure what other folk are like, but I still have some days when I feel completely 'whacked' from the moment I get up, and others where I manage to achieve quite a lot (by my standards). I try and do something everyday though even if it's just a walk.

Today wasn't a great day in that I felt really tired when I got up and spent the early part of the morning surfing, but then went on to bake some oatcakes, and started gardening before the rain drove me back inside - divided up the pots of mint we have with the idea of making a lot more fresh tea this summer.
Managed to make the tea and light the fire in time for my wife coming in, but I'm now exhausted and am slumped in a chair with my last cup of herb tea before bed

What did you manage to do today?


Great news @suttons and good luck for your other results :x::x:


Had a family dinner tonight, cooked up an Indian feast, had a few drinks chatted and laughed. Tomorrow is the dreaded results day but that is tomorrow today is still ned

((((Hugs from the dry rainforest))) out wet season failed this year fingers crossed for a la nina next season



@suttons Keeping you close. So pleased you had a celebration of sorts. Hold fast. Hugs, B :x:


Good luck @suttons :) :x::x:


Good luck from me too @suttons :):)


Good luck @suttons. :x::x:


Good luck @suttons :x::x:


Sat in oncology waiting for results aghhhhhhhhhh


Results are in, the lung nodules have not grown they are confident that they are benign or scar tissue, liver the same. Conclusion is that I am still N.E.D. Do not want to see me for a year!!!! Should be having a Colonoscopy around October that will be two years since the last time. Time to celebrate I think.

I hope everyone is having a good a day as me and you all get the results you hope for

(((Hugs from the rainforest)))



Hi @suttons that is good news :)


@sutton Yay! Brilliant news Sheila. Enjoy the celebrations and the year ahead! Hugs, B :x:


Great news!!! Big hugs. :x::x:


Had my first riding lesson for nearly 8 years. Going to ache tomorrow 😱😱🏇🏇🏇


Fantastic news @suttons , I think big celebrations are in order :x::x::x:

springer michelle

Ah that's brilliant news @suttons :x:


My husband playing at the country music club, he was singing I love you because you're you, dedicated to me and our good news earlier this week

(((Hugs from outback Queensland)))



@suttons, great news Sheila. Bob :x:

springer michelle

That's lovely :x::x:

Mary HB

Ah, that's lovely, @suttons, just caught up with your news, so pleased for you, lots of love, Mary :x::x::x:


@suttons this is so romantic!!!!! love it. what a wonderful moment.