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Life with bowel cancer


What did you do today?

I'm not sure what other folk are like, but I still have some days when I feel completely 'whacked' from the moment I get up, and others where I manage to achieve quite a lot (by my standards). I try and do something everyday though even if it's just a walk.

Today wasn't a great day in that I felt really tired when I got up and spent the early part of the morning surfing, but then went on to bake some oatcakes, and started gardening before the rain drove me back inside - divided up the pots of mint we have with the idea of making a lot more fresh tea this summer.
Managed to make the tea and light the fire in time for my wife coming in, but I'm now exhausted and am slumped in a chair with my last cup of herb tea before bed

What did you manage to do today?


@suzanne1957 Three cheers for Peter! But come on, don't you think you're been a bit tough on yourself? Exhaustions / fatigue is not about just been tired. There is a difference and you have little control over it. Well done for doing something you could manage. That's important psychologically. Sometimes as human beings we are a tad silly and set ourselves targets we are bound to fail, given our circumstances. Why? Cut yourself some slack, do what you can when you can. Good luck tomorrow. Hugs, and an extra one for Peter. B x


Thanks Brian. I know you're right of course, its just that I've always been the one looking after someone else, with Peter and the kid's backing me up. Tomorrow's another day and if I feel like a stroll after my hospital appointment I will go for a stroll and pop in to a friend for a cuppa. Thanks for the hug. Sending one back to you. x


Oh @Bob , hope the sting gets better quickly and that you're having a good time with your brother. Maybe you'll beat him in the pool before he leaves!

It's amazing how something like walking the dog makes it a good day, @ClaireA.

I know the why am I exhausted when I haven't done anything feeling. Fingers crossed tomorrow brings more energy @suzanne1957 smile


well done on your swim Bob, sorry you got stung though, and Claire well done on walking the dog

have a good day folks, rain is topping now in peak district and sun is poking out, been DIY ing this morning making a mess in the hall with power circular saw and chisels etc etc , carpets and underlay up sorting out a problem that has been lurking for nearly 20 years and now needs fixing

mikey wikey


Hope sting soon clears up Bob. Had a quiet day today and being lazy....get myself sorted in a bit and then off up to London for Onc tomm and chemo Wed and possibly scan, but not confirmed yet.


Thanks all, the sting has eased today, swelling is down just leaving red ribbons all over my arm. No pain today but had to get out of the pool after 4 lengths as it started stinging a bit. My brother carried on for 100 lengths just to rub it in! Great day though, took our visitors up to Kantara Castle, maybe a bit hot though climbing around in 33 degrees! Now getting ready for a nice meal at a harbour restaurant.


Well I've been making the most of my last week of chemo break and I'm currently staying in a champagne house in Epernay and have sampled a glass or two of the proprietors better cuvees (shut up liver mets!). Might even buy a case or three


That sounds like my kind of day (& stay) Drac! perfect holiday.
When does next round start?


Hi Drac,
Good on you, you have certainly made the most of your Chemo break. Good luck with the next instalment.


@drancunculus - Have one (or a few) on us! Hugs, B x


Well tomorrow, I'm going to the Chelsea Flower Show. Never been before, I have really sore feet (thanks Capecetibine) but I don't care, I'm still going!


Oh have a great time @Truleigh Seen some on TV looks great.


Hope you have a great time at the flower show, I plan on going next year @Truleigh. smile x


hi folks , trying to keep active and keep to the principles of the 'anti-cancer a way of life' book. so garden, diy and cycling , keeping going,

strange diy project on at the moment repairing an incomplete and badly done job when the old house was redeveloped 25 years ago. so hard to put it right and it would have been a small extra job all that time ago. hey ho...

this is the third major correction i have had to do on the property over the years ..

good exercise though and good for the brain working out solutions.....

wikey mikey


Took the kids to the beach today not bad considering it will be winter in a week

(((Hugs from the beach)))



This was the sign that had blown down so I was on Croc watching duty

(((Hugs from the rainforest)))



Hi Sheila, You don't know what "winter" is, I am going to Norway next month. smile

Quote from @Jani:
That sounds like my kind of day (& stay) Drac! perfect holiday.
When does next round start?

Starts again on Wednesday. I'm back in blighty again and today I'm repainting and putting decking inside our old greenhouse as we are turning it into a space for the little inflatable spa pool i bought smile


Very luxurious Drac!!xx


Today I baked focaccia and pitta breads. Focaccia success, pittas..well they seem to weigh at least a pound each!No idea why but I have a feeling they're so heavy, I fear a flotilla of ducks could be sank with these bad boys lol x